This past May, on her 17th birthday, Niah Hix, a rising senior at LCA, published her first book, God's Writing Your Story: Finding Peace and Purpose in the Midst of Pain. Niah was an aspiring collegiate athlete in volleyball and track, but plans quickly changed when she received a life-altering diagnosis. She was diagnosed with an incurable sickness that took away her ability to live a normal life and crushed her dreams of competing in sports. At such a young age, Niah has faced many unknowns and devastating news. However, Niah didn't want this pain to be wasted. 

Photo of Niah HixAs a 15-year-old who had to withdraw from everyday school, life, and sports because of everyday dizziness, heart-related issues, the occasional progression to blacking out, and even seizure-like episodes, and many more disabling symptoms, she decided to press into God. As she grew closer in her relationship with God in the most heart-wrenching times of her life, she dove deeper into the bible and discovered that God can turn all things for the good of those who love Him. In fact, she carried herself in such a way of trusting and loving God that many questioned her ability to cope with this sickness because she was too hopeful all the time. “People don't handle this life-altering diagnosis this way. Are you sure she isn't depressed?” one doctor asked. No, she was not depressed; she had planted her feet solid on the rock through the crashing waves and the storms of life that were hitting her. Hurtful as they may be, her trust and hope in God were greater. 

After a prayer-filled encounter with Nick Vujicic, a man who has lived a life full of optimism without any arms or legs, Nick encouraged Niah to write her story and share what her focus on God during this storm looks like. Two years after being diagnosed and continuing to suffer through the symptoms, 17-year-old high school student Niah Hix published her book.

Photo of Niah HixThe pages of her book are filled with encouragement and a reminder that when walking through suffering, look to the Creator of the Universe to find fulfilling joy, lasting peace, and rooted hope. This book shares Truth to carry you through pain. It encourages you that amid the countless struggles and trials you face, God is not wasting a moment. He orchestrates your suffering into a beautiful story for your good and His glory. Niah's story shows that even when the plans you envisioned for your life may not work out, God has something better in store for you. 

Niah said, “I am so honored to testify of the wonderful works the Lord is doing in my life and hopefully encourage others. This book is about the Kingdom of Heaven and our Savior's name being glorified. It is not about making me look like a hero because I couldn't have saved myself from the desperation I was in. I couldn't have walked through this without the peace, joy, and hope I found in the Lord. I want to encourage others of a big God with big plans for their lives and the realness of His presence in moments of hopelessness. We all face suffering; we all need hope. I want to encourage others to find hope in the Lord despite the chaos in life. And God is writing your story.” 

She hopes to continue doing ministry work and hopes this book opens doors for more opportunities to share her story and glorify the Lord's name in any way possible. This book inspires many and has already impacted many lives. We hope you will be able to support Niah and this new adventure God has called her to.

You can purchase a copy of her book through Amazon.


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