Molly Cooper Pre-K3 aide

Molly Cooper

Pre-K 4 Teacher

Educational Background

Bachelors of Science – Education, Baylor University

Joined LCA

August 2018

Molly and her family.

Molly and her family.

My Family

I am married to my college sweetheart, Chris, and we have 3 children, 3 dogs, & 2 bunnies (If anyone doubts his love for me, please note the ridiculous amount of pets that we have). Our son, Sam, went ahead of us to heaven in 2018, by taking his own life. We were new to LCA, and the LCA family surrounded us in the love of Christ. I will never get over it, but through the hope in Jesus, and the strength of The Lord, I move forward. My sweet baby boy… Nights are often hard for me. We have a daughter at Baylor now, our Mia. She amazes me with her cheerful determination to meet her goals. And she FaceTimes me often, so I am a lucky mama! Our youngest, Mary, (we should have named her Joy) is in High School at LCA. She is kind, loving, and very involved in the Screaming Eagle Band. I LOVE teaching Pre-K 4! I love kids, animals, shopping, baking, writing funny things on Facebook, making mums (a creative outlet), and naps. It could be my thyroid, but possibly I’m part sloth. Or maybe it is my sweet little eaglets, that wear me out by the end of the day, but in the best way!

What do you love most about teaching, coaching, or working at LCA?

For sure the people. First, the tiny people… Every year, I get too attached to my little class. How could I not? We spend all day together 5 days a week. And they are amazing and adorable! I am tired and needing the summer break, but so sad to not see them every day. And every year I think that I can’t love the next ones as much as the ones I’ve already had. But kind of like having one child and expecting a second baby, thinking that there is no WAY that you will love another child as much as the first one… Then you totally do! Your heart doesn’t push out the former ones, but grows to include the new ones just as much. And I love, love, my co-workers. I love to see all of their different strengths and try to grow as a teacher and Christian by observing them.

Molly and her dogs.

Molly and her dogs.

What is your favorite part of the school day?

Centers! The kids get to play (and learn without even realizing it). I especially love the dramatic play and art that we get to do at this time. They are so adorable and hilarious when they are doing dramatic play.

What are you passionate about? What brings you joy?

I am passionate about children, ever since I was a teenager babysitting, and to this day. They bring me so much joy! I also love animals, especially our dogs, Alice, Skye, & Cami Cooper.