Professional Schools Program

Education, Exploration, and Experience

Legacy Christian Academy’s Upper School consists of four Professional Schools: Arts & Humanities, Business, Medicine, and Engineering & Technology. Beyond the foundational 22 credits in Liberal Arts, each professional school has unique course options for an additional 5 required graduation credits. LCA distinguishes itself through areas of concentration and provides integrated opportunities for experiential learning, symposiums, and internships.

The Professional Schools Program (PSP) enhances student engagement, enthusiasm, and insight as they explore personalized opportunities aligned with their interests, passions, and convictions. Ultimately the underlying mission of our PSP is to allow students to explore God’s leading and calling on their lives. Philosophically and practically, the PSP supports LCA’s Portrait of a Graduate as we raise up Christian thinkers and leaders with these goals in mind: Spiritual Formation, developing a love for Lifelong Learning, and Kingdom Impact.

Arts & Humanities

Concentrations include Law, Performing & Visual Arts, Ministry & Education, Interdisciplinary.


Concentrations include Entrepreneurship & Manage- ment, Finance & Accounting, Communications & Marketing, Interdisciplinary.


Concentrations include Health Sciences, Medicine, Interdisciplinary.

Engineering & Technology

Concentrations include Engineering, Computer Science, Interdisciplinary.

Education, Exploration, and Experience

A student’s journey with the Professional Schools Program begins their freshman year as they gain exposure to PSP courses like Introduction to Communications and Principles of Applied Engineering in addition to completing an aptitude and career discovery assessment.

As part of the Upper School’s commitment to academic excellence, priorities include offering students hands-on learning, precision certifications, and real-world experiences in their area of interest through courses like Business Concepts, Introduction to Health Medicine, and Mock Trial. Additionally, students will hear from and interact with top-level professionals during PSP symposiums and activity periods.

Senior Capstone Course:

Seniors pursuing a Capstone course can opt for either an Internship or Independent Research. Internships immerse students in the work environ- ment, offering firsthand experience and mentorship related to their potential field of study. Independent Research projects range from recording and produc- ing an EP in music to implementing a school-wide environmental initiative.
Medicine Mcglasson 2

Internship Opportunities:

Student interns collaborate with professionals in their respective industries, gaining valuable insights into the requirements for success. This experience enhances students’ decision-making abilities regarding their academic and career pursuits.

Independent Study:

Independent Study challenges students to deeply explore a career-oriented topic, culminating in a research document reflecting their efforts. Students may choose to delve into a current issue impacting a corporation or industry of interest, investigate a future career path, or sharpen their skills by creating and presenting a final product.

Head of School - Kevin Mosley
US Principal - Jeff Veal

Meg Parker Wilson: Director of the Professional Schools
Program & Dean of the School of Arts & Humanities
Dwayne Hamilton: Dean of the School of Business
Karen Heckman: Dean of the School of Medicine
Kara Hermogeno: Dean of the School of Engineering & Technology


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Frisco, TX 75034
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