Libba Tullos is a Middle School Bible Teacher at Legacy. She brings her joyful energy every day and makes her classroom fun, engaging, and practically informative. She has helped countless students not only gain a better understanding of the Bible but become more comfortable in sharing their faith with others. 


In the midst of the holiday rush, commercial buzz, and scheduling craze, we need to still our hearts and minds and focus on what has perhaps become a cliché phrase: the reason for the season. Christ. Libba Tullos has come up with 5 ways we can be intentional this year and keep Christ in Christmas.

1. Forgive

Libba pulls from verses like Matthew 6:14-15, Colossians 3:13, and Ephesians 4:23; which remind us to bear with one another. As imperfect people, we often put up with a lot, and others put up with us. If we bottle up our complaints and grievances against one another, we can easily grow despondent or bitter–but forgiveness brings freedom! And peace. For us and others. This year, keep Christ in Christmas by forgiving as Christ forgives us.

2. Invite someone to share a Christmas meal with your family

Overcome your apprehension and fear of feeling awkward in order to share Christ's love. Libba encourages us to work up “20 seconds of insane courage.” The holidays, with all the season entails, can still be lonely. Perhaps loved ones are no longer with us. Perhaps distance separates us from family. Perhaps this year has proved especially difficult to be close to others. So, look for ways this season to bless someone through fellowship, and keep Christ in Christmas.

3. Read a YouVersion Christmas devotional together as a family

Women's Bible StudyThis is as simple as downloading the app on your smartphone. YouVersion has a myriad of devotionals to choose from, and you can browse different topics, themes, and styles. You can highlight, write notes, and bookmark various Bible verses and plans; you can even invite others to join your plan and share comments, prayer requests, and other features. This is a great way to make use of screen time to bring your family together. Dive into the Word of God with your family and keep Christ in Christmas.

4. Shop for a single parent

Where they would otherwise “turn around and use their paycheck on their kids every single time,” Libba encourages us to remember to reach out to them in this season of giving. Think of ways to send love and encouragement to them. Maybe it would come in the form of a gift card to a home improvement or grocery store. Maybe you can bless them with a gift card to a clothing store or even a nail salon. Let us bless others with the blessings we have received this season, and keep Christ in Christmas.

5. Treat others the way you want to be treated

Here, Libba pulls from the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12. This year, in the classroom, we have the privilege of reaching out to others online and in person. We can be considerate of others' feelings. We can look at our friend groups and stretch ourselves by inviting others in. We can let our friends in quarantine know that we miss them. We can touch base via email or a video call. Look for ways to connect, build community, and foster relationships. This year, show Christ-like love and treat others with the same kindness you would like to be shown.

Let Christmas be more than just a word. More than just another holiday. Let this be a time where you focus on Christ and His love, and then share that with others! Give the gifts of forgiveness, of your time and energy, of the family spent in Christ's presence, of helping others, and of treating people how we hope to be treated–regardless of what or how much we receive in return.

Summer Senn currently serves as a substitute teacher for Lower and Middle School at Legacy Christian Academy. She strongly believes in a Christian education that encourages students to bring glory to God in whatever they do.

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