With seniors reaching the halfway point in the year, here are 7 steps to take when applying to college!

  1. Meet with High School Advisor
    • Discuss with your Advisor to figure out what schools and degrees you are interested in!
    • Begin researching schools and the degrees each one is best known for. For example, Texas A&M is known for their engineering program!
    • This is important because the school you go to can open up unique opportunities and connections that can help lead to future jobs!
  2. Work on Resume
    • A resume is a great opportunity for a college to see what activities, leadership, or volunteer roles you have taken part in.
    • Check out this video below on a tutorial for a resume!
  3. Begin College Application
    • Sign up for either the Common App, Apply Texas, or through the school directly.
    • The college application itself does not take a lot of time, but it is important that you take the time to complete it thoroughly.
  4. Email teachers requesting teacher Recommendations
    • Some schools ask for letters of recommendation.
    • A letter of recommendation can give the college you are applying to another perspective of how you perform in class, and give a more in-depth glance into what kind of student you are beyond the grade book.
    • Look for a teacher who knows you well and teaches a class you enjoy.
  5. Essay or short answer questions
    • Some schools require a personal essay, prompt essay, short answer, or all three. Look to see the requirements of the colleges you are applying to.
    • Take your time on your essays, and have someone review them. Colleges are looking for unique essays that show a side of you not personified in the application. It can also show the school your writing skills. Make sure you talk about something you are really passionate about so you writing reflects that!
    • Below are a few examples of college essays, some good and some not so good. http://thechoice.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/12/06/toda…
  6. Complete Scholarship applications
    • Scholarships are a great opportunity to receive financial aid.
    • Schools have separate applications for honors programs and scholarship opportunities.
    • Talk to your college representative or admissions counselor to find out where to apply for these!
  7. Now I've been accepted to 3 colleges, how do I decide?!
    • Make a pros and cons list! This is a great way to see how what is important to you compares to what is important to the school.
    • Figure out what school is best for your major
    • Greek life, and campus clubs and ministries, can be a great way to get involved at a school. This can help you figuring out what you want to be involved in.
  8. Once chosen a college, celebrate!