On Thursday, February 9, the Intermediate School hosted the annual Night of Influence in the Legacy Performing Arts Center (LPAC). The Night of Influence requires that each 8th grade student partner with an adult influence in his/her life to read a biography or autobiography. Partners scheduled book talks throughout the readings designed to stimulate conversation on what it means to live a life of influence.

This project is valuable because it emphasizes the research process, allows every student to use his/her strengths in some way, and requires students to ask important questions about the kind of people who influence them.” – Amy Housley


Upon completion of the reading, students create a visual aid, an oral presentation, and a written essay. Together these elements satisfy the research portion of the project, as students are required to document their sources through parenthetical citation and a works cited page.

Through the study of these influential peoples' stories, there are lessons learned and life applications (like the importance of GRIT) that the students can apply to their own lives. The study of these influential people can help the students dream about the plans that God has for them in the Great Adventure of life with Christ.” – Glenn Dibley

Following the event, students make their official presentations in class, included in the playlist below.