Computer Science Expanded

Legacy Christian Academy is excited to announce expanded computer science instruction starting in August 2022. Increasingly computer science is considered an essential skill by both higher education and other professional pathways, and has become an important area for our families as we strive to fulfill our mission to develop “strong leaders with biblical convictions who are equipped to succeed in college and beyond.”  Through feedback from parents and staff, our academic leadership team has identified the need for a more intentional, robust, and integrated Pre-K–12 computer science program to strengthen our students’ preparation for college and beyond. The development of this program further equips us to fulfill our Soaring Higher Strategic Plan initiative to, “research and develop curricular and enrichment programs that meet the differentiated needs of our students and that empower them to realize their God-given potential.”

Our students need greater exposure, training, and engagement with computer science so that they are best prepared to leverage technology in appropriate and beneficial ways. This dedicated coursework provides powerful tools for society, and students should have an awareness of these tools and Biblical convictions regarding them. Therefore, we will be expanding this programmatic offering into the Lower and Middle Schools in the 2022-2023 school year. Computer science encompasses coding, logic, robotics, digital citizenship, and technology. Over the past two years, Legacy has greatly expanded access to technology for each student in every classroom which further enables LCA to expand instruction in this critical academic arena. Programs we are currently evaluating and exploring are VEX Robotics and Project Lead the Way.  We are excited about the additional skills and learning provided by this intentional program including but not limited to algorithmic thinking, collaboration, project management, design processes, analytics, logical thinking, etc.

American Sign Language (ASL) Added

In addition to these changes,we are excited to launch American Sign Language (ASL) in the Upper School beginning in the 22-23 school year as a curricular option to satisfy the World Language requirement for graduation. Over the last 30 years, American Sign Language continues to gain popularity with students as well as increased resources and attention in higher education across the country. According to the Modern Language Association of America, in their detailed report, Enrollments in Languages Other Than English in the United States Institutions of Higher Education, American Sign Language is the 3rd most studied modern language. ASL has continued to increase in popularity over the years and, in 2002, made the list of the top five most commonly learned languages at college. In 2013 and again in 2016, ASL was ranked as the third most popular language studied at the university level, supplanting both German and Italian. 

Implementation Plan

Computer Science

In order to expand the computer science program, we will make various adjustments to our world language offerings. In Lower School we will increase the amount of time students spend on computer science by replacing our weekly Spanish specials instruction with coding, logic, digital citizenship, keyboarding, and robotics. 

In the Middle School, in lieu of Latin, Grades 5-7 will focus on Computer Science & Logic, which will include coding, digital citizenship, and robotics. Eighth graders will now have the opportunity to take a new Computer Science & Logic course while still being able to choose to take Spanish I for US World Language credit.

In the Upper School, computer science classes currently include Principles of Applied Engineering, Honors Engineering, Intro to Computer Science, and Robotics. Legacy also partners with LeTourneau University to offer up to 6 hours of college credit with our Computer Science I and Computer Science II dual-credit classes. Legacy also offers AP Computer Science and AP Physics.  Enhancing and expanding our LS and MS computer science programming will further equip our students for more advanced work at the US level and pave the way for us to expand our curricular and extra-curricular offerings in the future. 

American Sign Language

In order to add ASL, we will no longer offer Latin as a world language option in the Middle or Upper School. Spanish will continue to serve as our primary world language. For current students in Grades 8-11 already enrolled in Latin, we will continue to offer Latin 2 and beyond as they fulfill their World Language for graduation requirements. Adding American Sign Language as an option for our US students will give them a unique skill set that has become increasingly notable in college and that could enable them to understand, serve, and minister to a diverse global community. 

In summary:

Division (Grades) Current 21-22 Offerings Updated 22-23 Offerings
LS (Pre-K-4th) Spanish Special Enhanced Computer Science Special
MS (5th & 6th) Latin Computer Science & Logic
MS (7th) Spanish 7 or Latin 7 Computer Science & Logic
MS (8th) Spanish I or Latin I Computer Science & Logic / Spanish I
US (9th) Spanish I or Latin I Spanish I or II/American Sign Language/Latin II & III

Please refer questions to your division principal and stay tuned for more information on the Computer Science program expansion.

Daniel Townsley Chief Academic Officer headshotDaniel Townsley is in his 19th year of service to Legacy Christian Academy and in his fifth year as the Chief Academic Officer.  In addition to academics, Daniel works with an amazing Student Services Team which includes our LLC, College Counseling, Guidance Counseling, Library, and Health Services.  He has served in Christian Education for 24 years as a teacher, counselor, and Head of School.

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