College Application Support

Our college advisor is available to help with all aspects of a college. After families meet and have their Junior Family Conference, the work begins to research colleges, start applications, submit applications, and then ultimately choose the best-fit college based on acceptances.  Our team will be there to support you each step of the way!

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College Workshop (11th)

This workshop is free and required of all of our rising Seniors. We carve out time during the school year to offer this course in May. We cover everything you will need to know for the college application process ahead.

College Research and Selection Guidance

Our college counselor is available to help families research colleges and select the colleges a student desires to apply to their Senior year. 

Summer Application Workshop Days

Our college counselor is available all throughout the summer months to help guide you through applications as college applications open in the summer months before your Senior year.

LCA Learning Center
LCA Learning Center

College Resume

Students create their college resume as a part of our 11th-grade English curriculum. Our college advisor is always available to help edit resumes.

Letters of Recommendations

Our college counselor helps students understand the process for requesting  their letters of recommendation from teachers. Our teachers are the true heroes. Each year, our teachers spend many hours recommending students to their future colleges.

College Application Review

Our college counselor is available to read and review every application before students submit them to each college.

College Essay 

Students write their college essays as a part of our 11th-grade English curriculum. Our college advisor assists brainstorming ideas and editing essays.

LCA Learning Center

Test Prep Guidance

Our College Counselor is available to help guide each student in choosing the best strategic route for test preparation when dealing with standardized tests. 

Standardized Testing Support

Legacy provides multiple resources to help our students prepare for standardized testing. This is at no cost to families.

ACT Prep Course

      • Legacy is pleased to offer this course, included in tuition, to bolster confidence for our students as they prepare for the ACT. LCA students have the privilege to complete test prep on-campus during the day to make the most out of their time.

PSAT (Preliminary SAT)

      • Legacy offers the PSAT for all our students in 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade. The PSAT essentially serves as a practice test for the SAT, yielding useful information regarding student strengths and weaknesses that may inform subsequent SAT preparation. Students who score high on the PSAT may also qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT is administered at Legacy Christian Academy each year in October.

Pre-ACT (Preliminary ACT)

      • Legacy offers the Pre-ACT all students in the 9th and 10th-grade. The Pre-ACT serves as a practice test for the ACT helping students identify strengths and weaknesses that will help them become more familiar with taking this exam.