Legacy senior Drew Davison, recently named a National Merit Finalist, was selected as the recipient of the National Merit Principal Financial Group Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship puts Drew in an elite group of students as he is one of only 1000 National Merit Finalists in the entire country to receive a corporate-sponsored scholarship.

NHS Officers jump for joy after collecting food for Frisco Fastpacs“I am so grateful to receive the National Merit Principal Financial Group Scholarship. It is an honor I will not take for granted. I would not have been in a position to get a scholarship of this magnitude if it was not for my parents, and I want to thank them for all of their sacrifices for me. My LCA education has equipped me to succeed not only as a current high school student but also in my future endeavors. I have had the chance to blend subjects I am passionate about with those that have challenged me. This mix has prepared me for college, as I have been able to focus my interests while also developing strong habits that will be necessary for my future classes beyond Legacy.” Drew said.

Drew’s National Merit Finalist journey started when he was one of the 1.5 million students to take the 2019 PSAT. To advance to this point in the National Merit Scholarship Program, an outstanding academic record is paramount. In addition, the process required a detailed scholarship application in which participation in school and community activities, leadership abilities, and honors and awards received are clearly demonstrated. For Drew, who has excelled both in and outside of the classroom, the tight-knit community and personal connection with faculty have been key components for his academic and personal growth.

Although Drew has been a fixture in leadership and student activities at LCA, it may be surprising to some that he came to Legacy only four years ago. When I chose to attend LCA going into my freshman year, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was introduced to the school by a couple of childhood friends, and we made the decision to attend together. I was especially intrigued by the Christian-based education because I had attended public school my whole life. The ability to form stronger relationships with both classmates and teachers, due to smaller class sizes, really sealed the deal for me, and in my four years at Legacy, I have developed life-long relationships.

Drew’s teachers have high regard for his contributions and commitment to academic excellence. Dr. Kristin Stone, Drew’s dual-credit US History professor shares “Drew writes incredible papers and shines in group discussions, where he provided strong insights backed with solid evidence. As a result, he emerged as an educational leader among his peers.” Commenting further on Drew’s leadership, Principal Kevin Mosley describes Drew as “dependable, impeccable, analytical, and team-focused.” Mosley continued “Drew has consistently demonstrated these characteristics throughout his various leadership positions as an officer in the National Honor Society, member of the LEAD Legacy team, and in Young Men’s Service League.

Drew credits his teachers with all of his impactful learning experiences at Legacy. He recalls laughing along with Mr. Messer as he worked his incredible humor into his lessons. Drew remembers his business management class with Mr. Hamilton, where he was able to bring his hands-on business experience to class lectures and discussions. Dr. Stone’s history class always kept his mind engaged, as class discussions would navigate throughout all of U.S. history. Making music in the band with Mr. Murphy ranks right up there, along with writing essays and reading literature with Ms. McKnelly, and exploring his favorite subject, math, with Mrs. Rogers. Lastly, along with so many other teachers, he reflects on his time in Mr. Littleton’s Apologetics class, and how well he defended our faith, equipping him with all the arguments and logic that remind him how real our faith is.

Drew has been accepted to Duke University for the fall and plans to study finance and pursue a business degree.