The Varsity Squad is beginning their season with a new coach, Meredith Sterk. Sherry Hines, 7th and 8th grade coach and Brooke Levassar, Jv coach, have been working hard to prepare their girls for the season. They kicked off their season mid-July with conditioning camp. The conditioning camp is designed for the cheerleaders to work on stunts, tumbling, dances and sideline cheers. They spent the week modifying and perfecting their skills while conditioning their bodies for the week-long practices they will endure when the season is in full swing. Not only did the cheerleaders attend conditioning camp, they also had a 3-night Cheer Athletics camp the first week of August. Here, they continued to learn new cheers for the season and worked on their homecoming dance routine. Throughout the Cheer Athletics camp, the girls were given the opportunity to try out and earn the Cheer Athletics Top Cat award. This tested their tumbling, jumps, and dance skills during the camp. They also spent time getting to know the coaches and bonded with their squad, building long-lasting relationships.

I am most excited about this season for the squad to really show off the talent on this team! These ladies love what they do and they work hard! They have said they want to be an amazing “Friday Night Lights” squad. They want to cheer on the Eagles football team, get the crowd involved and bring school spirit to the next level.

-Meredith Sterk, Varsity Cheer Coach

The cheer teams will be on the sidelines at every home game this season, and Varsity will be at both home and away games. The squad cannot wait to see the stands filled with LOUD and PROUD Legacy students and families, cheering on The Fighting Eagles.