On Saturday, November 14, Coach Meger celebrated the 500th win of her career. Our Communications Intern, Livia Martinez, had the opportunity to sit down and discuss this momentous occasion with her. Read below and see why LCA is so thrilled to have a coach like her!

Why did you decide to become a basketball coach?

I worked for 10 years at Kanakuk Kamps from college through my late 20's and thought about going into youth ministry, but I was encouraged to go into coaching as a way to connect and have a ministry. Both of my parents played college basketball and were All-state players in high school so my family background was in basketball. I went to the University of Arkansas and studied the game under a Coach named Eddie Sutton, so my first love of basketball is Defense, and I hope if you come to see us play you will see a lot of heart and effort in our game. So while I do love sports of all types, my real love is for God to use me in the lives of young adult women.  Sports are a great way to experience teamwork and family, much like our life as a member of the Family of God. 

“Coach Meger succeeds by creating a unified and goal-oriented team. She pushes us each day to work our hardest on and off the court, have a positive mindset, and perform our best. She continually reminds us to “respect all and fear none.” She is an incredible motivator and an excellent coach.” – Kendel Arnold, senior.

What has been your favorite part about LCA's basketball team so far?

I LOVE the heart and desire to get better every day! I am enjoying both the girls and their families as we prepare to make the playoffs out of our district. It truly takes a village, and especially with a small team.  I love that the girls desire to be their very best and that they also want to represent their families, LCA, and the basketball program both on the court and off. Our theme is RISE UP, and we hope to represent LCA, God, and our families by doing our best every game, being a team! 

“This season I am most looking forward to seeing how Coach Meger can continue to develop our team to make us the best we can be! Coach Meger has great experience and I am excited to learn a lot in order to not only grow as a player but as a team. Specifically, I am interested to see how we can continue to improve our fundamentals and learn the intricate details of the game.” – Katie Pelham, junior.

How does it feel to have 500 wins? Does it make you look back at your time at the old school you coached at?

I was pleasantly surprised by my players and the parents, as I was really not aware that it was my 500th win. I was the Varsity head coach for 23 years, so when I retired they asked me why I didn't come back for win 500, but I really never have coached for the number of wins. I truly remember my girls and other things a lot more than the wins. However, I do know this is monumental, and not a lot of people get to this number, and yes I do think 497 wins at one school is something we don't see much…. but glad to be able to come back to Coach and I will always remember where I was to get that 500th win. Bottom line 500 wins kinda means I am Old….hahaha…but seriously, I have a lot of good players to thank for these wins, it is a total team effort to have a culture that expects to win and work for it. A quote from Bobby Knight: “The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is Important”  So I hope that I can bring some of that work ethic and wins to LCA!!!

“When Coach Meger was introduced as our new coach this season her bio said she had 497 career wins so we knew she would hit 500 sometime this season.  After we won our first two games on day one of our first tournament, we realized she could hit that mark the next morning.  We were super motivated to win our next game and were able to surprise her with signs and flowers.  I loved seeing her face when she read the signs!  She was so shocked that we knew about her career win record. I could tell it meant a lot to her that we cared for and recognized her with an impromptu celebration.” – Haley Phillips, junior.

Once again, congratulations Coach Meger on 500 wins! Coach Meger is respected by her players and an important addition to the LCA community. We are lucky to have her and cannot wait to see how the rest of the season goes! 

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