The Upper School & Intermediate School Drama departments are both excited to present two short plays in one night! Each play is about 30 minutes long with an intermission in between.

The Beginning Upper School Drama class will present “You're Driving Me Crazy” by Todd Wallinger. Most people have some funny stories about learning to drive, and driver's ed seems to add to the absurdity of this rite of passage. This play takes a hilarious look at the world of driver's ed, especially from the instructor's perspective. You will meet a nervous teacher who doesn't seem to know the first thing about driving, a teenage girl who brings some unexpected guests to her first driving class, a teenage boy who's forced to share a car with his temperamental ex-girlfriend and a teenage girl who can't break away from her smartphone long enough to learn how to drive. With this play you are guaranteed to have miles of smiles and gallons of laughter.
The Upper School Advanced Drama class will present “The Waiting Room” by Noah Bennett. This thought provoking play takes place in a simple waiting room where people arrive at their appointed time to face the unknown of what lies beyond an ominous closed door. Earl Trent, played by Jacob Eggleston, arrives early and is instructed by the businesslike receptionist, played by Carly Capulli, to wait until his time. Scared about why he was summoned to the waiting room, Earl encounters people of all ages arriving at their assigned time. From all walks of life, each person he meets has followed a unique journey to get to this moment…their time to die. Some never see it coming, others know all too well that their time is coming, and a few even welcome it. As he waits, watches, and visits with the others in the waiting room, Earl gains both insight and courage about the meaning of life that brings him to his moment of finally going through the door.
Upper School Drama Night
Friday, November 11th
7:00 pm
Lower School Cafetorium
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The first play from the Intermediate School will be “The Complaint Department and Lemonade” by Kamron Klitgaard. People will complain about anything – not almost anything, but absolutely anything! In this rapid succession of hysterical grievances, the complaint department takes on everything from Oreo icing to kleptomania to songs stuck in the head and the price of cheese and on and on and on. Could there be a glimmer of hope for anyone in charge of a complaint department? With a clever concept of rotating each complaint into the seat behind the desk, each character not only airs their own grievances, but must also focus on someone else's problem and assist them with their complaint. This is fun and fast-paced and is sure to make you laugh!

The second play of the night is “School Daze” by Lindsay Price. The first day of middle school can be a funhouse or a hall of horrors. Will I fit in or be left behind? Will I wear the right clothes? Will I find the right class? It's a balancing act between wanting to grow up and wanting to stay a kid. Come take a journey through a day in the life of middle school.
Intermediate School Drama Night
Tuesday, November 15th
7:00 pm
Lower School Cafetorium
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