We are so excited to announce a special event involving PK3- 8th grade students. On December 8th, we will host our first ever “School Drum Day!”

Dancing Drum, a music education organization, will come to Legacy to facilitate a large group learning experience for the students. During the sessions, every student will have the opportunity to play one of the HUNDREDS of percussion instruments provided by Dancing Drum. Each group will work as a team to create exciting rhythms and beats. According to Dancing Drum, instructors “will also emphasize character traits such as respect, responsibility, perseverance, and self-control.” Sessions last from 30-45 minutes, and teachers and aides are invited to drum alongside their students. Participants play 6 different types of drums and percussion instruments as they rotate through the different sections.

According to their website, Drum Day is designed to “guide students through a musical experience on drums and percussion, featuring the unique sections of our ensemble, timbres of the different instruments, group dynamics, impromptu switches, exciting opportunities for improvisation, and student drum solos.” The program allows students to be active and engaged while learning, making the event as fun as possible.

Want the schedule for Drum Day? Download the image below:

“My hope is that Drum Day is a memorable experience for both students and teachers in which they get to share a fun learning experience with their classes and teachers, while getting to play instruments that we don't always have access to at Legacy.”

-Mrs. Martin, Lower School Music Teacher

Written by Kylee Shea, Communications Intern