The time has come for a changing of the guard in the Spirit Shop. Erin Clayton and Kim Benavides are stepping down from their post in the Eagle's Nest. These vibrant ladies have continued to grow the Spirit Shop from its humble beginnings to a dynamic and successful venture for Legacy, raising an average of $30,000 per year for various projects throughout the school.

Erin and Kim came together as neighbors and fellow moms and have cultivated that relationship to form a successful partnership that has helped take the Spirit Shop to the next level.

Erin has been married to her husband Shawn for 20 years and together they have three children at Legacy, Sam, who is a Junior, 8th grader Olivia and Amelia is currently in 4th grade. Erin started volunteering in the lunch room. She loved being with the kids and meeting the teachers. Her servant spirit was recognized and she was tapped to take over the Spirit Shop. Encouraged to find a partner in crime, she looked no farther than her friend and neighbor Kim. Kim began her volunteer journey in much the same way, volunteering in the lunch room and just generally helping around the school. Like Erin, she has been married for 20 years. She and her husband Steven also have three children at Legacy. Her daughter Avery is a junior, Abbey is an 8th grader and Jack is in 3rd grade. Since they both have children who will be entering their senior year, it is the ideal time for them to step down and let another exceptional pair of ladies take the reins in the Spirit Shop.

Kim and Erin loved working in the Spirit Shop because they had a chance to welcome and get to know the new families and also got to offer a helping hand to the teachers. They have had a lot of fun together on their Wednesdays in the shop and will miss it dearly. They are especially pleased to have been able to help fund various projects for the school during their tenure. One that stood out for them is the water dispensers because, Kim mentioned, “it was definitely one of the kids' favorites and the teachers have loved it as well.”


Other projects that have been funded with the help of the PTF include the outdoor courtyard tables, the shade structure over the playground, the art displays in the hallways of the Upper School, and the marquee on Legacy Drive. Erin and Kim wanted to give special thanks to Deanna Carpenter and Jorge Uribe for all of their incredible help and support throughout their time in the spirit shop, “We really couldn't have done it without them,” said Kim. By the same token, Deanna would like to acknowledge this dynamic duo,

“Kim Benavides and Erin Clayton have blessed LCA immensely the past 4 years by serving on the PTF board and being in charge of the Spirit Shop! The hours and time that they have devoted and sacrificed to the success of the Spirit Shop can't be put into words. They have joyfully and humbly served and blessed everyone at LCA with their servant leadership in this role. Thank you for an amazing job of blessing us with your time and gifts.” –Deanna Carpenter

As we say goodbye to these amazing volunteers, Erin and Kim are wrapping up their time in the Spirit Shop with their biggest sale yet. This is the perfect time for you to expand your Legacy spirit wear collection. We are blessed to welcome two wonderful ladies who are taking over in the Spirit Shop, Dana Le and Erin Struck.

Dana is a co-owner of a local children's boutique. She and her husband Tuan have two children at Legacy, Kate is in 2nd grade and Jacob is in 4th grade. Erin is married to Brad and they also have a son in 4th grade. She currently works at a women's boutique here in Frisco. Both Erin and Dana are anxious to use their natural talents to continue to expand the Spirit Shop. We look forward to seeing their retail and management talents in action over the coming year as our school continues to grow and thrive.

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