Dear Eagle Nation:

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! This morning, we greeted 1,014 students, which is the largest number of students Legacy has served in its nineteen-year history. I wish to extend a special welcome to the 179 new students and their families who have joined our covenant community. We are glad you have chosen to partner with Legacy in the education of your children. God has blessed us with so many terrific families. It is our honor and privilege to serve you, and if we can do anything to help–anything–please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Summer Projects.

It has been a busy summer at Legacy. You may have noticed several physical changes to our campus. The Lower School playground is in the process of getting a new foam surface and tricycle track, compliments of our generous supporters who gave to last year’s Annual Fund. This project has had several unexpected delays, but should be completed by the end of the month. Other Annual Fund projects include the building of a new storage facility underneath the football stadium and the installation of new band instrument lockers in the South Campus band hall. We were also able to enhance our security by installing more magnetic locks on exterior doors and expanding security camera coverage. Furthermore, many classrooms have received new carpet and paint as a part of our facility refreshment plan.

Our largest purchase from Annual Fund donations was securing 325 Chromebooks so that every Middle School classroom would be equipped with a class set of laptop computers for instructional use. The Chromebooks will be deployed gradually throughout the first quarter to allow teachers, students, and IT to adjust to these exciting enhancements to the learning environment. Last week, three teachers eagerly received their class sets, and two more sets are scheduled for delivery next week. Thank you, parents, grandparents, faculty, and alumni, for your support of our Annual Fund! Your giving makes a difference.

Strategic Plan.

I am happy to announce that our Board of Trustees has approved and adopted a new strategic plan to guide our school into the future. The plan is currently being prepared for distribution soon. I am looking forward to sharing it with you and receiving your feedback. This fall, we will host a number of informational sessions in which the new plan will be reviewed and explained.

This Year’s Theme—Imago Dei.

Each year the faculty and staff focus on a schoolwide theme that unites our school and serves as a point of emphasis in our instructional objectives. For the 2018-19 school year, we have adopted one of our six core values, imago Dei, as our schoolwide theme. Core values are fundamental beliefs that help shape the culture of an institution. Imago Dei is a Latin phrase that translates “in the image of God.” As a school, “we respect all people as individuals created in the image of God and we celebrate the diversity of gifts and callings.”

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” –Genesis 1:26

Our goal is to help all students (and adults) understand the fundamental truth of our faith that all people are made in His likeness and reflect His glory, thus, have intrinsic value and are worthy of our respect and dignity. You will hear this phrase often throughout the course of the school year. Several strategic initiatives have been developed to promote this core value. I encourage you as a family to discuss how you might honor this truth through your words and deeds. It would be a great topic of discussion at your dinner table or bed-time devotional.

Communication—A Key Ingredient in a Successful Covenant Partnership.

Legacy strives to foster a covenant partnership between the school and its families. We believe this partnership is one of our institutional distinctives. Key to forging a successful partnership is effective, God-honoring communication. As we begin the new year, I encourage you to follow these guidelines in communicating with school personnel. First, take time to read the Sunday email blasts that are sent to each household. This newsletter will keep you informed of the important activities and announcements that pertain to your child or family. Second, if you have questions or concerns about any matter, seek answers or solutions from reliable sources such as your classroom teacher or an administrator who is responsible for that division or program. Social media is often unreliable and subjective. It’s always best to go the source. Third, limit emails to communicate information, not to resolve conflicts. Face-to-face meetings or phone conversations facilitate positive resolutions much better than emails or other forms of electronic communication. Finally, if you have a personal conflict with a fellow believer, follow the command of our Lord as described in Matthew 18 to seek resolution. Involving others who are not part of the conflict or taking your case to social media is not God-honoring and undermines the covenant partnership we value.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Legacy Christian Academy, I thank you for your decision to choose Legacy as your covenant partner in the education of your children. We look forward to encouraging one another as we strive to reflect His glory.

In His service and yours,

Bill McGee
Head of School