On Wednesday of this week, senior footall captain Kaleb Lowe took another step toward fulfilling a lifelong dream. He signed his NCAA Letter of Intent to play college football at the University of Dubuque. This moment represented a milestone in not only his life, but that of his family, friends, and even longtime coach Keithan McCant who has been coaching him since he was six years old.

Kaleb's love of the sport was inherent from the time he was able to walk and hold a football in his little hands. He would toddle through McDonald's and get himself into trouble for playing too rough as he would try to tackle the other kids.

Over the years, Kaleb has certainly paid his dues. As soon as he was age-eligible, his parents got him involved in formal football leagues and teams, from the Frisco Football League where he started at age five to Texas Team Elite, the regions top select 7v7 program. In addition to team play, Kaleb spent countless hours with personal trainers, quarterback coaches and speed and agility coaches to hone his skills.

All the hard work was recognized as Kaleb fielded offers from coast to coast and spanning 10 different states. Athletic Director Cole Johnson described it best during Kaleb's signing, for the most part, if the state touched the Mississippi river, there were some offers coming out of those states to play in college.”

His decision to take his talents to the University of Dubuque was onerous. He was searching for the right balance in the football program, academic demands and also an environment that would give him an opportunity to grow spiritually. University of Dubuque checked all the right boxes for Kaleb. We wish him the best of luck as he continues to realize his dreams.