What grade did you begin at Legacy? 2nd Grade

What sports do you play? Basketball and Softball

What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject is math because it’s straight forward you always have an answer.

Why do you play sports? Some people say sports are just an extracurricular activity or exercise but to me it is my life. I have loved every sport I have played since I started and almost put them before everything. I play not because I have talent but to share Gods glory and grace throughout my teams.

How has a coach or teacher impacted you? A coach that has severely impacted me during my time is Coach Harris. Many may not know him now because he left a while back but he brought me to basketball. What was unique though was not only did he do that, he created my foundation with Jesus. And every practice or middle school game there was a prayer and some sort of verse that was present. I didn’t realize as a 13 year old how much it was fall into my future but it significantly has.

What are your plans or goals after Legacy? I plan to continue my softball career at East Texas Baptist University after high school.

What advice do you want to leave to future Legacy Eagles? I want to say live in the present, live in the today. Don’t look forward and miss out on what’s right in front of you because you will look back and regret. Take each day of high school in with your teachers, games, pep rallies, coaches, and homecomings because time really does fly.

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