“You are loved, and you are wanted, and you are never alone.” Ava Bohling, a current senior, recently shared her testimony at Legacy, emphasizing this. Ava has been at LCA since kindergarten and knows how it feels to be embraced into a genuinely caring community. She spends her time passionately serving people as part of NHS, Honor Council, worship team, and LEAD Legacy's spiritual formation team. 

In her testimony, Ava describes growing up as “one of the most shy kids you would probably ever meet.” In her younger years, she struggled with anxiety disorders and often felt utterly alone. She also often felt no one cared about her, so she told no one when anxiety attacks hit. She shares with us that in middle school, “My emotions slowly but surely began eating me from the inside out,” leading her to feel “very detached from reality” and self-harm, wanting to leave this world. 

Ava Bohling pitches in during service saturday

Ava Bohling was eager to help out during the Extreme Makeover the LCA students and staff did for the owner of the Old Irish Bed and Breakfast in Denton.

But God.

Ava asked if something was out there to stop her from ending it all, and God answered. It was as if He was telling her, “Ava, through your ups and downs, I have always been there for you. I was just waiting for you to notice.”

This realization came as she became increasingly involved in music. A huge part of Ava’s life is worship team. She joined the team as a freshman and was made a worship leader as a junior. The change between four years ago, having never imagined she could sing or speak on stage, and now, singing and speaking even to the whole high school, is “a God thing.” For Ava, worshiping through music is the way she best connects with God.

Ava Bohling has been on the Legacy Tennis teamWe asked Ava what she would tell someone considering LCA, and she replied, “I would tell them that without this school I would be lost. My relationship with God would either be weak or nonexistent.” She thanks the LCA community, classes, and faculty as having contributed. “I know that I can tell people about what I struggle with and what I have struggled with, and I won’t be judged as long as I am honest.” Ava feels safe, supported, encouraged to be herself because she knows Legacy cares. Even beyond this, she encourages us to “find your purpose in God, the God who loves you, who wants you and wants you to know that you are not alone.” God cares.

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