Why did you decide to come to Legacy? If you're a lifer, or weren't involved in the decision to enroll at LCA, what would you tell some considering LCA? I have been attending Legacy since pre-school, so I was not part of the initial conversation of enrolling. That being said, I am forever grateful to my parents and their decision to send me to Legacy these past 14 years! I have developed life-long friendships with fellow students, built a strong relationship with God, and been pushed with academics to be a better student. For anyone considering sending their kids to Legacy, I encourage them to do so because it has been an experience that has truly prepared me not only for college, but for my future as a servant for Christ.

Lauren, Riley, and Mr. Keyes

What do you love most about legacy?  What I love most about Legacy has been the opportunity to get to know my teachers personally. My teachers want to see me grow in every aspect of life and don't define me by the number on a page. During my freshman year, I sat down with my math teacher, and she asked me why I decided to take an on-level class. I told her that a more challenging math class would've been too difficult and far beyond my math abilities. She smiled and told me that she saw some of her younger self in me and that she didn't want to me close any doors. She challenged me to stretch my abilities in new ways. I took what that teacher said to heart and applied it to all aspects of my life. Since then, I have challenged myself not only in the classroom but in my relationships with both God and my peers. Legacy's teachers are truly a blessing and have set out to invest in each student, getting to know them personally.


Which class do you like the most and why? My favorite class this year is Anatomy and Physiology! I really enjoy learning more about the human body and how God created everything with a plan and purpose. Mrs. Spencer gives us interactive labs and activities to help us understand hard concepts, and I have fun in the process of discovering new things. This class has specifically prepared me with the knowledge and experience I need for college, as I am planning on pursuing a career in the medical field.

Lauren photographing

What has been the best thing that has happened to you at Legacy? The best thing that has happened to me at Legacy has been my advisory group. We are placed in an advisory group together during freshman year with the intention of growing in fellowship with other classmates until we graduate. I was put in a group with 9 other girls from my grade and my advisor, Mrs. Ladd. I was very unsure about the group I was in because none of the girls were close friends of mine at the time. I felt out of place in the group when it began, but I ignored the initial feeling and trusted that if God put me in this group I was meant to be here. I am so glad I trusted Him. Over the past three years, we have grown into a close group that rejoices each other's victories and holds each other accountable when we fall short. Mrs. Ladd is one of the most godly, loving women I have ever met! She welcomed us all with open arms from the start of the group, and she constantly reminds us that her door is open whenever we need guidance or advice. I believe that even though we will all graduate and follow different paths, our advisory group will stay strong in fellowship and come back often to visit Mrs. Ladd and each other!

Lauren and Sydney

Where have you seen God move while at Legacy?  This year especially, God has moved through our teachers and administration in distance learning. Our teachers managed to change all of their lesson plans around in just 2 weeks in order to keep up with the transition in the spring due to COVID. When we first made the switch, it was difficult to stay focused and motivated for the remainder of the year. Our teachers were so patient, gracious, and understanding with us. They constantly made sure we understood all of our assignments and that we completed everything on time. I really saw God work in Legacy over those three months with the way He continued to show His power, His goodness, and His patience through our incredible teachers. I am so grateful.

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