livia nhsWhy did you decide to come to Legacy? If you're a lifer, or weren't involved in the decision to enroll at LCA, what would you tell someone considering LCA? The academics at public school were not rigorous enough and I wanted a change of environment. I never had any issues at public school, but I am super grateful to have made the switch and been introduced to so many great individuals.

What do you love most about legacy?  I love the teachers and how they form real and special connections with all of their students. I have quite a few teachers that I feel comfortable enough to stay with after school and just chat about life. I know the teachers at LCA care and I am so grateful for that.livia senior

Which class do you like the most and why? I have always been an English and History kinda girl. I absolutely loved my freshman English class taught by Mr. Heaton, but I also love English this year taught by Ms. McKnelly because of the poetry we are studying. I also really enjoyed JBU History taught by Dr. Stone because I loved how fast-paced her class was and how much we learned in a year.

livia and familyWhat has been the best thing that has happened to you at Legacy?  Most people would guess that I would say “winning Homecoming queen 2020,” but really, the best thing that has happened to me at LCA is forming all of those connections with people that resulted in me winning homecoming queen. I am so lucky to have formed such great relationships with so many people not just in my grade, but the grade above, and the grades below. If you could tell curly-haired, brace-faced, 7th grade me that I was gonna win homecoming queen, I would have just laughed. My confidence has grown with time because of the people I am surrounded by at LCA. Not only do my friends, teachers, and parents constantly raise me up and inspire me, but the families of my friends also are such great influences. I am so grateful for the Legacy community, and wherever I end up, I know that the people I grew up with will be supporting me and praying for me!

livia tennisWhere have you seen God move while at Legacy?  My relationship with God has developed and prospered during my time at LCA. God has moved through me and done crazy things to help me personally with my self-esteem. Through being Communications Chair, I have learned how to be a better public speaker, and not worry every time I have to make a presentation. Before senior year, I had never imagined I would be any kind of leader at LCA, because I constantly compared myself to others. But now, I am so grateful that through prayer and advice, I decided to apply for communications chair, and ended up getting the position. I am so happy to have spent six years at Legacy. I will forever credit this school with boosting my confidence and teaching me real-life lessons. God is good to have guided me toward LCA and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me and LCA in the future!livia hoco

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