Nash Blais, a current junior here at LCA, recently placed 5th Chair in the STATE for the ATSSB All-State Jazz Band. Nash competed against the top 58 trumpets from each region of public schools from all over the state. We sat down with Nash to hear a little more about his unique story.

What do you love most about Legacy? I love the teachers in general. I know that for many schools, the student is just a name or number, but I know that the teachers at Legacy really care about me and my development.

What has been the best thing that has happened to you at Legacy? The best thing that happened at Legacy was winning the State Marching Championship in my eighth-grade year. That was the first year I was in marching band and I just remember that it was a fun (but stressful all the same) experience.

Band state camps 2019

Nearly five years into playing, Nash says that he loves the trumpet because of the camaraderie of the band and all musicians alike. He loves the goal of musicians—that is to grow in their musical abilities—and how they help each other reach that goal. Over the four-and-a-half years that Nash has been playing trumpet, he says that his favorite part of playing are those moments, whether in the high school band or the state band, when all the music just seems to click perfectly and the artistry of the song comes to life.
Nash on field

Why did you decide you wanted to compete?
I suppose I wished to compete because it was something new that I had never done before and because individually I enjoy playing jazz more than concert. It's more enjoyable for me to practice jazz than concert just because the feel of the songs is more jovial.
How did you prepare for the competition? Every week, I would meet with my trumpet instructor, Jeff Smiley, and then would go home and practice 30-45 minutes every day. I just kind of play and see what happens. I would also sometimes meet with Jason Webb, Mrs. Webb's husband.
How did you feel when you placed?  I was very relieved. I had been a little apprehensive to know how I placed, and then when I learned what I placed it felt like a wave of relief crashed over me. Now, I'm just looking forward to the jazz concert next year.

Where have you seen God move while at Legacy?
For me, I have seen how God has used the school's Bible teachers to influence the student body by presenting the Biblical Worldview and its defense brilliantly and seamlessly. I feel that we, as a student body, are closer together knowing that we all share the same ideals and the same core beliefs. 
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