On September 10th LCA Senior, Brady Laramie, and Freshman, Harper Redmon, kicked off the season at the 16th Annual North Texas Juniors Open, with both winning HOA (High Overall Average) for their respective divisions. This registered National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) is a Junior level competition limited to 75 shooters.

Students skeet shootingOur LCA Sporting Clay team is a committed group of students that practice weekly in the disciplines of Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, Bunker, Helice and many others. Our students work hard each week to advance their skills, with top competitors shooting 10,000+ rounds yearly. A major milestone for any shooter is to complete perfect rounds of 25 in a competition format. A typical event has 4 rounds of 25 for 100 total, so to have one or multiple perfect rounds is a big accomplishment.

“I had another great tournament. I'm proud to say I got Junior Champ and HOA with a 98 and a 50 straight. I was incredibly proud of my fellow teammate, Harper, who shot her first 25 straight and it was so cool participating with her in the event.” said LCA Senior Brady Laramie.

Harper said, “When I hit the last shot for my first straight 25, I could feel the pressure it took off my shoulders of hitting that personal goal.”

“It was exciting to watch both Brady and Harper compete at such a high level and to see the camaraderie of all the remaining tournament participants joining in to shoot Harper's hat, a tradition when a shooter completes their first ever perfect 25 in a competition.” said coach Redmon.


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