This year our senior class had the incredible opportunity to attend the 2017 Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with the senior class came 4 teachers from Legacy- Mr. Ahlgren, Mrs. Babb, Ms. Allen, and Mr. Messer. Thanks to these awesome teachers who were so generous with their time, we were able to navigate with the Atlanta train system the whole trip! This was extremely helpful with early mornings and late nights. Being one of the seniors that were able to attend, it was such a blessing to be in an arena filled with 55,000+ young adults coming together to worship God in one voice.

Below, Kat Keith and Nick commented on their experience at passion. If you want to get a glimpse into the ministry that is Passion, check out what they have to say!

“Passion was something I heard great things about since my freshman year and let me say, it definitely went above and beyond my expectations. There is nothing like worshipping with 55,000 fellow students and all singing the words to “What A Beautiful Name.” It was incredible to just stop and listen to all the voices (from a total of 90 different countries) lifting up one name. It was also really helpful to hear a bunch of new songs that our Worship Team might be able to use in Chapel! The speakers made no less of an incredible impact. I especially loved Christine Caine. She spoke about endurance and being faithful in the now, which I felt perfectly applied to the seniors finishing our last semester of high school. Overall, it was a great experience, and I'm blessed I got to share it with my class.” – Kat Keith

“Being my first year attending Passion, I had no idea what to expect. After the conference, I can say it was an experience like no other. The power felt from worshiping among more than fifty thousand Christian college students was life changing. Passion is a place created for spiritual growth, made so an individual knows they are not alone, but at the same time, accurately creates intimacy for each and every person there to connect with their Creator. The entire conference was a place free of worries, judgment, and insecurities. Aside from the worship, the sessions were led by some of the most influential, Christ following individuals known today. Figures such as Francis Chan and John Piper poured themselves out for the next generation, so that we learn from their experiences and pursue a Christ centered life. My first year at passion is an experience I will never forget, and I plan to attend every year during my college career.” – Nick Dolanski

One common thread that stuck out to me throughout all the incredible speakers is to have an Eternal mindset and fill my Earthy thoughts with Godly thoughts by continually diving into the Word. The moments from this trip are ones that I will remember for a lifetime, and I cannot wait to attend again next year!

You can find all of the sessions on YouTube by clicking here! I would encourage you to listen to the music and speakers (which both shook my world)!


– Kristin Guzak, Communications Intern