Beginning Monday, August 28 at 7:45am, we will offer a continual drop off on the south campus. Please read the explanation below to know which doors your family should use. We hope this new plan will virtually eliminate the morning wait on the east side drop-off. It should also end the problem of traffic backing up onto Legacy and the issue of a blocked left turn out of the Cheyenne Crossing neighborhood.

What does this mean for you?

Early Ed Students: If your child is PreK3, PreK4, or TK and arrives between 7:45 and 8:00am, you may drop off on the east side (Early Ed hallway) side and he/she will be supervised in a classroom in the Early Ed hallway. If you choose to have your child go directly to his/her classroom, please arrive between 8:00-8:15am. If your child has a sibling in Lower School or Middle School, he/she may be dropped off at the east side entrance but they will need to walk directly to the cafeteria until they are released at 8:00am.

Kinder—8th grade: drop off on the west side (band hall) entrance anytime between 7:45 and 8:15. Students will be supervised in the cafeteria until 8:00am, at which time they will be released to class. If your Kinder8th Grader has a sibling who is in Early Ed, he/she will still need to be dropped off at the east side entrance.