Safety concerns at the intersection of Stonebrook and Fighting Eagles Lane

I’m sure many of you are aware of the recent vehicle accidents at the intersection of Stonebrook Parkway and Fighting Eagles Lane. Thankfully, no one has been seriously injured. I’ve received several inquiries about the possibility of designating that intersection as a school zone, which I inquired about four years ago when the light was installed. It was explained to me by city traffic engineers that state law permits school zones to be designated to protect pedestrian traffic, not vehicular traffic. So, unless or until we have students crossing Stonebrook, a school zone cannot be established. 

However, I am pleased to report that the City of Frisco has positively responded to my request to assess the situation in an effort to make this intersection safer. The Traffic Engineering Department has recently conducted a “crash review” and “on-site safety review” of this intersection and have already made adjustments to the traffic signal at that intersection, including doubling the green time for a left turn from the westbound lane of Stonebrook onto Fighting Eagles Lane. The traffic signal engineers have also increased the exiting time from Fighting Eagles Lane onto Stonebrook during after-school times. Furthermore, they are monitoring the timing of the traffic lights to discourage drivers from trying to “beat the light” when approaching from the Legacy Drive–Stonebrook intersection. 

I want to commend the City of Frisco’s Traffic Signal Engineer, Mr. Curtis Jarecki, for giving his prompt attention to this matter and for his willingness to partner with us to improve the safety of this intersection. It’s refreshing to deal with public servants who are responsive to our concerns and willing to seek solutions. 

In the meantime, let’s do our part and exercise good judgment when traveling through this intersection. 

COVID protocols working because of you

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, parents, for your full cooperation in following our COVID protocols this year. Your willingness to monitor your children’s symptoms, keeping them home when ill, and diligently reporting positive cases in your household through the COVID Reporting Portal, has resulted in a relatively low number of school transmissions and has allowed us to successfully implement our mask-optional policy. Please continue to be our first line of defense so that we may continue to operate the school in the least restrictive environment that places the health and welfare of our community as our top priority. Thanks for being effective covenant partners.

Bill McGee is in his sixth year as Head of School at Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco, Texas. He is a veteran educator who has 40 years of experience serving in public and private schools, including 30 years serving as head of private schools in Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

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