I don’t know about you, but I have never been more ‘over’ a subject than technology. It's my best friend when it comes to my personal needs, yet my worst enemy when it comes to parenting my children. As the parent of 4 children who span 2 decades, I have witnessed the introduction of mass technology with my older children i.e. the flip phones, the early days of texts that cost by the character, and the ability to prerecord tv shows on TIVO, to the fast-evolving tech world of my younger child 10 years later i.e. the iPhone or rather the handheld computer, the portable laptop computer that's always with you, and endless streaming and binge-watching of any and all tv shows. Technology has advanced at warp speed yet my ability to parent in this tech world has not kept the same pace. Where are the handbooks, the guidelines, and the older mentors?  

Hmmm, let me consult my “How I was Raised” file for some guidance. How did my parents shape my technology use during my childhood? They called me into the living room to turn the channel on the tv for them and told me I couldn’t talk on the phone after 7. Easy peasy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to apply now. My parents taught me to “click” over if the party line beeped, and to reshelve the encyclopedia after I used it. Hmm definitely doesn’t apply now. My parents gave me the privacy of a 10-foot phone cord and a coat closet. Still doesn’t apply. This is not my parents’ world of technology, so I can’t very well learn from their rules. Maybe I could devise some rules of my own but then those rules become obsolete practically overnight. 

I have never felt more inadequate or afraid. Analyzing and overthinking is in my nature. They are both my superpower and my downfall, according to my family.  I have a hard time not connecting dots and seeing the role that Satan plays in our world of technology. I know his greatest desire is to ‘get our kids’ so he can shape their minds just like he hoped to do in the garden with Adam and Eve. Remember what he used to tempt Adam and Eve? Just a little ‘ole apple. HMMMM What’s he using today to gain the minds and hearts of our children? An APPLE! It's no coincidence the logo for Apple is an apple with a bite out of it! It's also interesting to me that, in the garden, God told Adam and Eve they could eat anything except the fruit from the tree of knowledge. HMMM, Interesting that our phones are the highway to endless knowledge. Satan has once again used an apple to tempt our children (and us) to believe that we can have all the knowledge we need and more, and we can be the center of our own universe. See why sometimes my kids think I’m ridiculous? My mind does go to places it probably shouldn’t, but I also believe in the sovereignty of the Lord and that He desires to show us the way. I believe He wants us to see these coincidences so we can accept the warning and parent not from a place of fear but from a place of faith. 

I don’t know about you but I am desperate to keep Satan’s claws off of my children. I am desperate to keep them safe, and to put a strong hedge of protection between them and the technology satan so clearly uses to influence them. I am desperate to guard their future. I am desperate to parent from a place of confidence, not fear. Thankfully, I serve a God who loves my children (His children) even more than I do and who longs to equip me fully. I just have to get out of my analytical head, on my knees, and seek Him first. I sought the Lord and He answered me. He delivered me from my fears. (again and again) Psalm 34:4. Even in this struggle, He has given me answers and HOPE. Stay tuned, next I will share what I call the Safety Rule to help navigate even the most challenging of parenting woes.

Lana Snear currently serves as the South Campus Counselor at Legacy Christian Academy. She came to Legacy in 2018 with previous experience working in private practice, as well as other private and public school districts. Dr. Snear received her Doctorate degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University. She holds a license in psychology, school psychology, and a certification in professional Christian counseling.  She has been married for 30 years, has 4 children, and a new granddaughter.   She loves the relationships she has gotten to build with the students and families at Legacy.  Her over-arching goal is that each student would know they are ‘seen' and have great value.  KNOWTICE OTHERS=Notice others + Know Others

Dr. Snear has crafted several blogs for our families including the Middle School Romance blog

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