Partnering with Christian Families

Legacy Christian Academy Admissions

Legacy Christian Academy is proud to partner with…


Christian Families who understand and share a commitment to Legacy’s Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.

Christian Families who articulate a salvation testimony through Jesus Christ and seek a deliberate Covenant relationship between the family and the school.

Students whose academic records demonstrate a proven capability to thrive in Legacy’s rigorous academic programs.

Students whose behavioral history is in harmony with the expectations and culture of Legacy Christian Academy and who express a strong desire and commitment to be a part of the Legacy student body.




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Legacy Christian Academy Blue Ribbon School 2017

Build with us on a foundation of excellence.

Legacy Christian Academy Blue Ribbon School 2016

Our Staff

Cheri Mosley

Cheri Mosley

Director of Enrollment Management

Brooke Levassar

Brooke Levassar

Admissions Coordinator Grades 1-8

Terra Caswell

Terra Caswell

Admissions Coordinator Grades Pre-K3 - Kinder

Andrea Collins

Andrea Collins

Database and Records Manager

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