On April 27th, the upper school students of Legacy and their families were gathered together for the Academic Awards Celebration. We are proud to acknowledge the following six students for their contributions and excellence in the Athletic Department.



The Eagle of Excellence Award is presented to the high school male and female who exhibit athletic excellence, Christian character and high academic standing.



Maycie Clemons


Maycie models the coachable spirit that all coaches love from their athletes. Whether on the athletic field, in the classroom or anywhere on campus, Maycie performs all that is asked of her with determination and excellence. Maycie is a leader in every sense of the word. She is described by her coaches and teachers as one of the most outstanding young ladies that they have known. Her contribution on her Legacy teams in her play and in her leadership only enhanced those groups. Maycie is an exceptional athlete and an excellent example of what being part of a team and a school community is truly all about. Her love for the Lord shows in her behavior and how she treats others. Academically, Maycie has worked extremely hard. In fact she worked so hard that she has received extra academic scholarship funding to attend Baylor University next fall. It is no surprise to many that Maycie Clemons is this year's Eagle of Excellence award recipient.


Jack Johnson

This year's male recipient is Jack Johnson. Although Jack has been at Legacy only three years, it is difficult to remember life here without him. Throughout Jack's three years at Legacy, he has participated in both football and basketball as well.

Possessing a “never say die” attitude, sniper-like focus, and insatiable drive, Jack will often put his body in harm's way to accomplish the job. He is confident, assertive, and – as the greatest competitors are at times – disciplined to the point of stubbornness.

Jack is the ultimate competitor. Legacy Athletics would not be the same without him. Jack will push his teammates, knowing they have “it” in them. For these reasons, the Athletic Department is honored to present the Eagle of Excellence Award to Jack Johnson.




The Soaring High Award is presented to the high school male and female who participate in athletics and exhibit Christian Character.


Major Fogle

Major strives to be the best person he can be every day. He is very personable, energetic, intentional, and genuinely cares about you and how you are doing. Every single day during the football season Major came up to every coach after practice and shook hands with us and said, “Thank you.” He had no ulterior motive in mind, but just simply wanted to say thank you. I'm sure Major might have thought it was not too big of a deal but let me assure him it meant a great deal to all of us. You don't see that kind of genuineness from too many young men. Major used every inch and ounce God gave him to make Legacy a better place and he has done just that. Major's impact on his classmates, teammates, teachers, and coaches will leave a lasting image on all of us as an example of what a little effort combined with a hand shake and a smile can do. Major, we are proud of you and now want to return the favor and say thank you for leaving a Legacy. We are honored to present you with this award and wish you the very best!

Anne White


To describe an athlete whose consistent character models Christ-like leadership we use phrases such as “a child of God daily surrendered to His Will and for His service,” “an athlete that seeks to glorify God through her actions,” “an athlete that leads by serving others.” When you use those descriptions, you've described Anne White. Anne consistently puts her teammates ahead of herself. She has Strength of Character to always do the right thing and the GRIT to challenge her teammates to do the right thing also. Her desire to please God and to be a part of a team that pleases God makes her a Servant Leader who sets the standard for others to follow. That is why Anne White is receiving the Soaring High Award this year.



The Legacy Award is presented to the high school male and female who exhibit athletic commitment in multiple sports.

Kailey Luiken


Kailey is a natural athlete who strives for excellence regardless of the sport in which she competes. Kailey is extremely coachable and has a tremendous attitude. She is the kind of athlete every coach wants on their team because she will play and contribute wherever needed. This young lady loves the thrill of competition and she will rise to any challenge. Kailey gives everything she's got whenever competing on Legacy's volleyball, soccer and track teams. She keeps her head high in the moments that may be challenging for her. Her approach to life is an inspiration to her teammates. Kailey is trustworthy and shows tremendous leadership among her fellow athletes. This girl is an amazing young lady who exhibits a Christ-like attitude both on and off any playing surface. Kailey is a devoted and gifted multiple sport athlete here at LCA and this year's recipient of The Legacy Award.



Conner Griffith

This year's male recipient is Conner Griffith. Throughout Conner's four years of High School, he has participated in football and basketball. His attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and devotion to the team combine to make him an invaluable part of any team.

Conner possesses a “quiet strength,” in that he is steady and consistent regardless of whether or not the spotlight is on him. He maintains sight of three things: what is at stake, what is important and right, and what is the big picture. Conner exemplified this in the 2017-18 Basketball State Tournament…which without him, never would have happened.

It is accurate to describe Conner as the ultimate teammate. Conner will pull his teammates. Legacy Athletics would not be the same without his impact. He is a guy you want on your team…and when he is, you will be better for it. It is because of who Conner is that the Athletic Department is honored to present the Legacy Award to Conner Griffith.
*** All photos courtesy of Rick Baze Photography ***


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