On April 29th, the Upper School students of Legacy and their families were gathered together for the Academic Awards Celebration. We are proud to acknowledge the following six students for their contributions and excellence in the Athletic Department.


Soaring High

Soaring High Award – presented to the high school boy and girl who participate in athletics and exhibit Christian Character.

Anne White

Anne White - Soaring High AwardAttempting to replace the senior leadership of Anne White is impossible for this reason: She became the Godly leader He designed her to be for the mission He gave her for such a time as this.  Instead we look for others to pick up the mantle and become the Godly leaders for which God has designed them. Whoever answers that call will need to understand that those who serve others are the ones that others will follow. They will need to be humbly obedient to the mission for which they have been called. They will need to know what it means to seek to glorify God through their words, actions, and attitudes. They will need to know how to have the strength of character to do the right thing and the grit to challenge their teammates to do the same.  If such a person is ready to pick up that mantle, then they are ready to carry on the standard that was set by Anne White. These are the characteristics she demonstrated as she led her team. A Legacy of Servant Leadership for others to follow.

Zane Williams

Zane Williams -Soaring High AwardZane Williams is a “TEAM” guy.  Always has been. Whether in lacrosse or basketball, he understands the value of working together as a team. Always striving to have his teammates pull in the same direction, Zane continually invests in what a team can achieve.  He cares more about the welfare of the team than he cares for his own desires.  Zane is one of the most well-liked guys in the school… because of who he is rather than what he is. He models Philippians 2:3-5: “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.  Have this attitude in yourselves which was in Christ Jesus…”

For these reasons, the Athletic Department is pleased to present the Eagle of Excellence Award to Zane Williams.

Legacy Award

Legacy Award – presented to the high school boy and girl who exhibit athletic commitment in multiple sports.

Tatum Ewing

Tatum Ewing Legacy Award 2019Tatum Ewing is one of those athletes that, through her own persistence in improving, inspires her teammates to be better. She constantly strives to gain excellence in her skills both as a cheerleader and as a basketball player. Tatum was never opposed to staying late in the gym to work on her athletic skill set. She was that athlete who would try a tumbling pass one more time. She loves to be pushed to the next level, and leads by being coachable. Tatum loves her Lord and Savior. She leaves no doubt about this to those around her. She is very passionate about the less fortunate, returning again to the Dominican Republic to love on the little children. Being the hands and feet of Jesus on and off the field and court, Tatum is leaving a Legacy of excellence at LCA.

Max Sanderlin

I have had the privilege of coaching and observing Max Sanderlin for the past two years. During that time it has become abundantly clear that he is a committed and driven young man. His drive exemplifies that which is good, honorable, and virtuous. His success is with humility, his encouragement sincere and from his heart, his countenance on and off the pitch displays sincere christian character. Max possess all that is good and exciting about sports. A true drive that remains focused on what is good and true. He embodies and displays the best as an athlete and a person.

Eagle of Excellence

Eagle of Excellence Award – presented to the high school boy and girl who exhibit athletic excellence, Christian character and high academic standing. 

Kailey Luiken

Kailey Luiken Eagle of ExcellenceKailey Luiken is a very consistent and grounded individual. She is unwavering in her level of commitment in athletics as well as in academics. She is an athlete that coaches love to have on their teams. She is committed to her teammates, and they know that they can trust her because she will always give her best. Kailey is a joy and positive light to any team that she competes on because of her attitude and her character. You will never hear her say a negative word about any of her teammates. She understands that no one is perfect including herself. Kailey’s character is admired by many. Her humility is something that many notice and respect. We are very grateful for the leadership that she exhibited on all of her Legacy teams. Kailey’s leadership and guidance was also evident away from the playing field. Kailey fully epitomizes what the Eagle of Excellence Award stands for. Congratulations Kailey Luiken.

Braxton Edrington

Braxton Edrington has the character and discipline needed to succeed in life. He is equipped for the stringent days of college, the arduous hours of work, and the temptations that come in the world in which we live. He has been an example of Christianity for his teammates and classmates. He loves the Lord and it shows in the way he loves others. His work ethic has earned him many awards, but his humility has earned him respect. The Eagle of Excellence could not be awarded to a better man than Braxton Edrington.

** Photo Credit: Vanessa Corral Photography. Visit her website to view her photos from the Awards Ceremony.

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