Dustin Messer Secular Sacraments Book Cover

Cover of Mr. Messer's upcoming book Secular Sacraments.

Legacy is pleased to announce that Upper School Bible teacher Dustin Messer (Th.D. candidate—Doctor of Theology) has accepted the offer to become our first Biblical Worldview and Cultural Engagement Coordinator for the 2019-20 school year. Dustin's duties will include helping current and future teachers become more effective in teaching their subject areas from a Christian perspective and informed by a biblical worldview. To that end, his first task will be developing The Legacy Biblical Worldview Institute, a two to three-day professional workshop in which teachers will learn how to integrate faith and learning more effectively. Dustin is eminently qualified to develop this institute as he is a Bible scholar with degrees from La Salle University, Boyce College, and Covenant Theological Seminary. His writings have been published by Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He also recently completed a Fellowship at the National Review Institute. Dustin will continue to teach Bible in the Upper School while assuming additional leadership responsibilities. We look forward to seeing Dustin flourish in this role and the future of the Institute.

Mr. Littleton has been a huge mentor to me as I've thought through the ways in which our faith is integral to teaching and learning. Indeed, one reason I felt comfortable taking the job was because of Ronnie's encouragement to do so and his, Mr. Townsley, and Mr. McGee's vision-casting of what the role could be. I'll be drawing generously on their knowledge and expertise in addition to the collective wisdom of the whole LCA community. We really do have a stacked deck when it comes to talented educators creatively applying the faith to every discipline.

Dustin Messer

Biblical Worldview & Cultural Engagement Coordinator, Legacy Christian Academy

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