If you haven’t come to an Eagle Mama Luncheon yet, you are truly missing out. Our amazing Parent Teacher Fellowship coordinates this event four times a year where a great group of Legacy moms and their guests gather for a time of introduction, fellowship, and enjoy a yummy lunch together at Stonebriar Country Club. We get to hear from counselors at the school (see Eagle Mama – Part I on ALLIES) on what our kids are dealing with and how best to help and communicate with them.  Additionally, Legacy is blessed with Jerica Olson, a parent of third and fifth-grade boys, who has an incredible gift for speaking truth and encouragement into our lives. There is only one luncheon left this year, so be on the lookout for it in the Sunday email blast.

Jerica Olson speaks at Eagle Mama Luncheon

Guest Speaker Jerica Olson. Photo courtesy of Eagle Mama/Photographer Vanessa Corral

Jerica’s messages are always rooted in the Word, and this month’s message was no exception, as she looked to Chronicles 11:10 which is the story of David and his Mighty Men. She also called on a memorable verse from John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

What is the purpose of friendship? What does it look like to be or even to have a mighty friend? A friend is someone who gives strong support to others and helps them to live out their kingdom purpose. Friends are a gift to us, they are an extension of God’s favor to establish and to strengthen us in our divine design.

Mighty friends stay with us; they are willing to get into the trenches with us and experience and persevere through brokenness. Mighty friends give people what they need; very often at their own expense. Jerica encouraged our attendees to search deep within themselves and identify what they have that someone else needs. She challenged the women, “Is God calling you to help in someone else’s spiritual endeavors?”

Eagle Mama Luncheon Friends

Special Thanks to Eagle Mama/Photographer Vanessa Corral for photographing the event. Click to view more photos from the luncheon.

Mighty friends strengthen us, they build us up and support us. They restore and refresh us, often times when we most desperately need it. They also rebuke us. They will remind us that God has a plan for us. We must remain vigilant in our approach and steadfast in our dedication to living out God’s purpose for our lives.

Jerica offered each of the women a blank note card. She encouraged us to take the time to write to one of those people whom we consider a Mighty Friend – show them love and support, offer them kind words to build them up and celebrate them. We all should invest more time in building people up instead of tearing them down with gossip, envy, and betrayal.

Valentine NoteIn popular culture, it seems finding your tribe is all the rage. Jerica reminded us of David’s Mighty Men, or his troop of supporters. She left us with a powerful message, “Don’t settle for a tribe, be a part of God’s troop.”

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