In my last blog and in light of our theme of the Primacy of Scripture, I began a blog series on what the Bible says about education. I introduced you to Glenn Schultz’s nine Biblical principles for Christian education.  The first principle states, “The education of children and youth is the primary responsibility of parents.”  This week we move to the 2nd principle:

Principle #2:
The education of children and youth is a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week process that continues from birth through maturity.

Passages: Deuteronomy 6:7; Deuteronomy 11:19; Proverbs 22:6

Proverbs 22:6 states, “Train a child up in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” A couple of points from this passage give us guidance as parents.  First, we take note of the duration of this directive.  It begins when the student is a child and continues until he is old or mature in the Lord.  If we give our students training from a Biblical perspective early in life, they will return to it when they mature. That does not mean they will not stray at times.  But we know the Word does not return void in the souls of those who listen.

Secondly, we must notice the uniqueness of this training. The passage mentions training “in the way he should go.” This could also be translated “in his own way.” Each child is a unique creation of God and will learn according to his natural abilities and tendencies. The learning must be consistent not only in terms of time but also in method, according to how God uniquely made them.

However, we must also acknowledge how intense this training needs to be according to Deuteronomy 6:7 and 11:19. God instructs us to teach our children diligently with intense, highly concentrated, consistent effort. The effort takes place in the morning, when around the house, when away from the house and when they lie to sleep.  Basically, ALL the time.  

As parents of LCA, you send your children to school understanding the tremendous impact it can have in your students’ lives. In fact, almost HALF of the time a student spends awake during a typical week is spent in school. You have chosen to trust LCA with that time. You are also held responsible by God for how that time is used.  

As teachers and staff at LCA, we guard the trust you place in us. We know we are blessed to be a part of your training plan. We desire to be good partners for you in fulfilling this call to “train up a child.” Some of our most cherished rewards as educators come to us delayed by many years.  When a former student comes up and thanks a Christian educator not only for the content knowledge and skills he/she taught but more importantly for the Christ-centered faith he/she helped instill, the educator rejoices with you [parents] for the promise fulfilled.  The promise was realized in a mature believer but made possible by the consistent, committed training of parents who love the Lord with all their heart, sacrificed to place them in a Christ-centered school, and thus gave the eternal gift of faith in Christ to their children.

I encourage you to click here to listen to a short podcast discussion with Mr. Will Weaver and Mr. Ron Littleton from our Upper School Bible Department on these first two principles of Biblical Education. You will be blessed by their wisdom and insight.  May God richly bless your faithfulness in passing this faith to the next generation.

Kevin Mosley Associate Head of SchoolKevin Mosley is in his first year as Associate Head of School at Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco, Texas, having served the last 9 years as Upper School Principal. An innovative academic leader of 25 years, his record includes managing top-performing teams to cultivate student leaders and promote successful preparation for college and beyond. He is focused on engaging with students and educators in Christian schools and is committed to providing Christ-centered leadership through collaboration and transformational vision.

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