On April 29th, the Upper School students of Legacy and their families were gathered together for the Academic Awards Celebration. We are proud to acknowledge the following twelve students for their contributions and excellence in the Fine Arts Department.


Acting I

Katie Bardwell

Katie is simply pure gold. She is genuine, honest, loyal and radiates goodness. She steers clear of drama and is wise beyond her years. Her sweet spirit and dedication to Theatre are two traits I greatly appreciate. I look forward to teaching her for three more years. The Acting I award goes to Katie Bardwell.

Acting II

Sarah Siler

Sarah came to LCA as a new student this year. This is not an easy task, especially in an Acting class. She immediately bonded with the group and instantaneously became a bright light to us all. She always has a positive attitude and a smile. She exhibits bravery as she is continuously wanting to try new things that challenge her. I appreciate her hard work and dedication and cannot wait to teach her for the next two years. The Acting II award goes to Sarah Siler.

Honors Acting

Sarah-Anne Lee

Sarah-Anne is one of those students you can always count on. If she says she is going to be there, she is. She has been with me since her Freshman year and will be with me until the end. She works countless hours after school walking lower school students over for play practice, and stage managing all of my shows. Pretty much anything I ask of her, she does. She carries herself with grace and humility and truly embodies what it means to have a servant's heart. The Honors Acting award goes to Sarah-Anne Lee.

Art I

Erica Papp

Erica Papp's imaginative and expressive illustration skills are a tribute to her tireless work ethic and her dedication to visual art, both inside and outside the classroom. She demonstrates respect and kindness to both students and teachers and always wears a smile. Erica is also an excellent steward of materials and exhibits a can-do attitude when it comes to learning a new technique or taking on a new challenge. Erica, I am looking forward to seeing what you create over the next few years in our visual art program.

Art II

Alexa Breedlove-Priestley

Alexa Breedlove-Priestley is a great example of focus, dedication and discipline. She embraces challenges in Art 2 and consistently dedicates the time, effort and patience required to develop her skills to the greatest potential. She continues to work with a technique or concept, even if her first few attempts are unsuccessful. Alexa, I anticipate that God has great things planned for you in the arts, whether it be as a curator, archaeologist or artist.

AP Studio Art

Natalie Embry

Natalie Embry always wears a smile, even when facing challenges and pressures of AP Art. I can count on Natalie to cheer others up, even on the days she is feeling under pressure. Proverbs 11:25 says, “whoever refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” Her positive attitude is contagious and it is obvious that “the joy of the Lord is [her] strength.” Along with experiencing her positive energy, I have enjoyed facilitating Natalie's development as a photographer and have loved watching her bless others inside and outside of the visual arts program with her beautiful images.

Honors Studio Art

Madison Mainer

Madison Mainer has been an inspiration to all of us in Honors Studio Art this year. She fearlessly tries new concepts, techniques and mediums and, as a result, she has grown tremendously as she has worked out many “kinks” in her work flow. Ideas are the backbone of a strong work of art, and Madison has many great ideas. Madison, I truly hope you will continue to develop your creative skills and find a place to use them to serve Christ in the years to come.

John Philip Sousa Band

Caleb Chambers

Introduced in 1954 to honor the top student in the high school band, the John Philip Sousa Band Award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication.  This is the most prestigious award for a high school band student.  This young man has fulfilled every aspect of this description and more in his short time of band here at Legacy.  Watching Caleb Chambers grow as a musician is a highlight of a Band Director's career.  Caleb auditioned for TMEA 6A All-State Band and the TPSMEA All-State Band this year and represented our school well.  Caleb performed in the TMEA Region 24 6A Region band and was a member of the 2019 TPSMEA All-State Band and TPSMEA Region Band. This spring Caleb has been working on his composition skills and has arranged a Brass ensemble piece that will be featured during our Spring Band Concert. What an honor it is to teach and watch this young man grow into a fine young musician.  It is my pleasure to award Caleb Chambers, with the John Philip Sousa Band Award.

Patrick S. Gilmore Band

Alan Yu

The Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award, is presented every year to the runner-up of the Sousa Award. The Gilmore Band Award is presented to an outstanding band member demonstrating the greatest improvement for the band. The recipient must demonstrate dedication, loyalty, character, and discipline to the band program, while achieving the highest musical standards required of instrumental music. Alan Yu came to LCA in the 9th grade and has made a huge impact in our program.  From holding a trumpet and marching in 9th grade, to playing bass drum and percussion, then to being the lead keyboard player this year in our Marching Show, Alan is always willing to help and do whatever is best for the group.  He puts the needs of others before himself.  I have watched Alan work with younger students to make sure they have music down and I have seen him willing give up his part for someone else to have a chance to play.  Watching Alan grow as a musician and a young man, while using his God given talents, is a blessing to me, the band, and the rest of LCA.  I have been blessed to teach this fine young man!

Chamber Ensemble

Sophie Dryden

Sophie Dryden is the recipient of the Chamber Ensemble award. Sophie demonstrates a curiosity for learning something new, followed by a determination to do it as expertly as possible. On most days, she walks into class singing a joyful song and then walks out of class the same way. I know I can count on Sophie to know her part as well as everyone else's and to let me know when she thinks I have made a mistake, which is okay because she is usually correct. Great job, Sophie!

Concert Choir

A.J. Yasilli

This year's Concert Choir award goes to A. J. Yasilli. A. J. was new to choir this year and he has worked hard to catch up to other students that were more musically experienced. I cannot think of a single thing that I have asked him to do this year that he did not tackle with a willing attitude. His positive spirit and kind heart have been a source of encouragement to me as well as to other members of his section. Congratulations, A. J.

Tech Theatre I

Noah Stillwell

The winner of the Tech Theater 1 award is Noah Stillwell. Noah is a student that is passionate about designing and building anything and everything for the stage. He is knowledgable, dependable, and always willing to help out on any project to get it accomplished. Seeing his enthusiasm and ability for building sets has been great to see and I cannot wait to see what he is able to do in the years to come.

Tech Theatre II

Ellie Schumm

I have had the pleasure of teaching Ellie for the past three years. Every time I see her she is filled with energy and always has a smile on her face. She truly brightens my day, and is a blessing to those around her. I know she is going to go on and do great things in college and in life, and I am looking forward to keeping up with her for all the days to come. The Tech Theatre II award goes to Ellie Schumm.

** Photo Credit: Vanessa Corral Photography. Visit her website to view her photos from the Awards Ceremony.

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