On April 27th, Legacy Christian Academy held their annual awards for the Upper School and named Hannah Dryden and Joseph Navarro as Students of the Year. Being named Student of the Year is the highest honor a student at Legacy can receive. This is the second year of this prestigious award that was conceptualized by Kevin Mosley, Principal of the Upper School. He sought to design an award that would afford the faculty at Legacy the opportunity to select the standout male and female senior. In selecting the recipient of this award, the faculty are using the following criteria:

  • Views the world through a biblical filter
  • Has a solid, authentic and integrated faith
  • Has the ability to think critically, and courageously defends truth in an arena of ideas
  • Understands fulfillment in this life is gained through giving selflessly and loving unconditionally
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic both in and outside the classroom
  • Effectively leads others to a passionate pursuit of truth and relationship with Christ
  • Through their efforts and investment, will leave Legacy as a better place

These two students epitomize the criteria without a shadow of a doubt. It was apparent in Mr. Mosley's presentation that both of these students have truly risen to the occasion and represent the spirit and heart of Legacy in all respects.


Female Student of the Year – Hannah Dryden

The female Student of the Year award was presented to Hannah Dryden. She is an outstanding student, in the top 5 of her class, has won numerous awards in arts and theatre and has held leadership positions in both NHS and the Hospitality Club. She is a past winner of character and leadership awards. While certainly impressive on paper, it is her servant's heart and unsurpassed genuine demeanor that truly make her the consummate recipient of this award.

As Mr. Mosley was presenting this award to Hannah, he recollected a time when he was having a particularly stressful day. Hannah approached him and asked if she could pray for him. Her sincere, heartfelt prayer rejuvenated his spirit that day and brought tears to his eyes as she conveyed her sincerity and concern so touchingly. He describes her as a truly appreciative person who values the relationships that God has placed in her life and her deep heart of gratitude drives her relational paradigm. She has an incredible sense of reverence, respect and gratefulness for her teachers and their investment in her life.

When asked how she felt about receiving the award, Hannah shared this:

I was completely shocked and honored by Mr. Mosley's words as they revealed I was Student of the Year. The accolades and achievements I've worked so hard to achieve here at Legacy have shaped my faith and given me the opportunity to be a better friend, believer, and moral citizen. I was overcome with emotion and couldn't help but cry as I received the award and listened to the sweet words that staff shared about me. The staff and all the teachers at Legacy have been instrumental in making my experience at LCA outstanding and I wouldn't be half the woman i am today without their guidance, wisdom, and love. I was so so thankful and humbled by the award since there are so many amazing senior students at Legacy. I'm so blessed by LCA and the faculty and staff pouring into me over my 14 years here.”


Male Student of the Year – Joseph Navarro

The male Student of the Year award was presented to Joseph (Joe) Navarro. He has faithfully served with SALT, Club Med, Spirit Crew and has received Christian character and leadership awards multiple times. Joe's teachers and peers commented on his heart for the Lord and his heart for others. His love for his teachers and peers is so beautifully genuine as he exudes joy to all he encounters. He isn't afraid to live his faith out loud and encourages others to do the same in such a caring and open way. He is a wonderful example of the type of graduate that Legacy Christian Academy strives to produce. He has a commanding presence when leadership needs to take the front seat and is always willing to listen, plan and put a plan into action. He is honest, trustworthy and you know you can always depend on him. His stout Christian character and unapologetic fervor to share his love for the Lord made him a natural choice for this award.

Joe had this to say about receiving this, the pinnacle at the awards ceremony:

This wave of love crashed over me when I was named Student of the Year. I couldn't believe it. It felt like picking up my cross and dying to myself everyday was worth it. All the years of trying to exude Jesus in everything I did, payed off. To know that I have been an example to my peers and teachers meant that Jesus really transformed my life. God ultimately deserves all the credit. If it wasn't for Him, I wouldn't be the man I am today. Looking back at all the hard times. I saw God transform me from a broken, prideful, arrogant, selfish, lost, young man into something I always wanted to be. A warrior. A leader. A general for His army. I can see His armor waiting for me every morning. The warmth of putting on the breastplate of righteousness. The security of wrapping the belt of truth around my waist. The support of planting my feet into boots of good news. The protection of resting the helmet of salvation on my head. Then standing tall, I grab my sword and shield. Remembering who I am and what He has done for me, I go to the battlefield. With all these pieces, I can stand my ground against the enemy and know that we have victory in our grasp.
As you see my picture in the hallway, I hope that you will see boy who tried. A boy who failed at times. A boy who had hard times and good times. Picture a boy who was shown grace through faith. Which ultimately lead him into becoming a man.”

** Photo credit to Rick Baze Photography

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