The week before spring break, most kids are excitedly focused on getting their toes in the sand, hitting the slopes, or even going on a cruise. A group of 41 students from the 7th and 8th grade classes instead set their sights on Legacy’s first Middle School Mission and hit the road to Houston. They got their hands dirty, dug deep into the Word, and made a difference in the lives of many people, what better way to start spring break!

Middle School Mission Trip to Houston

From L to R: Madison Shaw, Hannah Abbink, Ollie Ansley, Brady Laramie, Jack Jordan, Nathan McBroom, Stephen Slattery, Cash Cooper

Houston Mission Trip serves at Meals on WheelsWhile to some a mission trip to Houston seems inconsequential, the group found an abundance of service opportunities. They met many people who were truly in need of help. They experienced the joy of being able to serve others by working at a soup kitchen, “Loaves and Fishes,” delivering lunches with “Meals on Wheels,” and filling and packing meals at the Houston Food Bank. In addition to helping prepare and serve meals, the group was also able to spend time working on a housing project, delivering gift baskets and various other cleaning projects. Perhaps one of the most impactful activities they were able to do was to pray with people, share the Word, and let them know that they are seen and loved by God.

I enjoyed going to Houston because I not only got to serve with my school friends, but I got to serve the Lord and see the way tiny and easy things I did affected the people in need around me. The trip really showed me the physical needs and the need for Jesus that people have in my very own state. I loved meeting new people and helping the people in need.

Hannah Abbink

Legacy 8th Grade Student

Glenn Dibley, Middle School Principal, commented that he “could see students operating in their strengths – caring, achieving, organizing, and relating among others.” He was particularly pleased to see students embracing any task that was asked of them, even if it made them uncomfortable. A valuable experience like the Houston mission trip really helps the students learn their strengths and areas where they can improve. Some of the students discovered that they love meeting new people whereas others found that they feel most at home behind the scenes.

The Houston Trip was very eye opening to me and showed me that I am very blessed. I think that us going down there meant a lot to all of the people we helped. My favorite thing was sorting the food at the Houston Food Bank.

Ardon Mech

Legacy Seventh Grade Student

Every day was met with new people and new experiences for the students. Every night the students gathered together to reflect on the day. They discussed their ability to impact the world for others and for Christ. Without exception, every student came to realize their own fortune and express their gratefulness to God and to their families.

The first Middle School mission trip was a great adventure for all involved. So, what’s next for Middle School? Stay tuned…more details to follow.

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