Why did you decide to come to Legacy? If you're a lifer, or weren't involved in the decision to enroll at LCA, what would you tell some considering LCA?  Since my first year was when I was four, I did not have much input on enrolling in Legacy. BUT, my parents deciding to put me in school there was the best decision they have ever made for my life. If I was not put into Legacy, I would not have a strong relationship with Christ, experience in challenging academics, life-long relationships with fellow students, or knowing my teachers care more about me than the grade on a paper.

What do you love most about legacy?  What I love most about Legacy is the tight-knit community. I have grown up knowing each one of my teachers and coaches personally, knowing I can come to them about anything. One stand-out difference between Legacy and any other public school is that the teachers TRULY care about you, love you, and want to help you navigate through not only school, but life. Starting Legacy at a young age, I have been able to grow up alongside my best friends. From playmates at recess to playing varsity volleyball together our senior year, the friendships I have made at Legacy will last for the rest of my life.

Which class do you like the most and why?  I enjoy my AP Biology class the most because I have a passion for learning about how amazing and complex life is- and how all of it points to God the Creator. Mr. Keyes makes the class very fun and interactive so I look forward to each and every class. Also, this year I have been able to participate in a Capstone internship at an occupational therapy practice, and have been able to implement what I learn in class to making people's life easier at therapy! It makes learning at school feel more interesting and useful.

What has been the best thing that has happened to you at Legacy?  My entire life has been lived at Legacy with many great experiences, but I would have to say the best thing that has happened to me at Legacy is how Legacy has molded me to who I am today. I have learned the difference in how the world lives and how I want to live. I have learned how to balance challenging academics and varsity-level sports. I have learned that my spiritual life is far more important than my academic, sports, or social life. I have learned the value of finding a community that makes you stronger. I have learned what type of friends I need. I have learned that my parents are my best friends and #1 fans. I have learned that no title or award is what identifies me. I have learned who God is. I could list on and on what I have learned from my school. I have been unbelievably blessed to grow in who I am and in what I believe in under Legacy's roof.

Where have you seen God move while at Legacy?  There has been many signs of God working while at my time at Legacy. From the entire body coming together to pray for healing, to the entire body coming together mourning losses, I have seen God's hand in so many different events. Just recently, one of my close friends was in an ATV accident where he was knocked unconscious for seven hours and care-flighted to an ICU. Once me and my friends heard news of the accident, we immediately started praying for our friend and that he would be healed quickly. Short after, an email from my principal was sent out to the Legacy family requesting prayers from everyone. My principal continued to send out updates on my friend's status to the campuses. What public school can send out mass communication for prayer, or cares that much about each student? A couple hours later he woke up and began recovering. The power of prayer in numbers is insane and has been proven to me countless times through my time at Legacy.

Legacy Christian Academy is Frisco's preeminent Pre-K through 12 Christian school committed to educating students in a college preparatory environment balanced in academics, athletics, and fine arts–all within the context of a biblical worldview. For more information on Legacy, visit our admissions page.