What did you get as a student at Legacy that you couldn't get somewhere else? As a student at Legacy I was able to be surrounded with teachers and coaches who poured into me daily and pushed me to strengthen my walk with the Lord in every situation. Being encompassed in a Christian atmosphere was one of the best parts about Legacy for me. I always knew that the people around me would be there when I needed a shoulder to cry on and would also be there in times of joy and happiness

When you look back on your time at Legacy, what made the biggest impact on you? Looking back on my 15 years at Legacy, I believe my coaches and teachers made the biggest impact on me. I knew that they would always be there for me no matter what and they truly pushed me to be the best version of myself. One thing that I find important is the fact that I still talk to my coaches and teachers today, a year and a half after I graduated. My teachers instilled in me Christian values that I will carry on into my future and one day, a family.

Where did you see God move while at Legacy? I saw God move within my own family and friends at Legacy. At one point my mom, dad, brother, and I were all at Legacy and it was amazing to see the Lord move through us as a family and shape us into who we are today. I have loved watching my brother who is now a Junior at Legacy grow in his faith and through his education. I watched the Lord move through some of my close friends and bring them closer to Him throughout high school.

What did you love most during your time at LCA? The thing I loved the most during my time at LCA was that the teachers took a personal interest in each student. Legacy allows students to create life-long friendships that will carry you through life. Legacy also allowed me to be involved in more ways than one and truly leave my own Legacy.

How has Legacy prepared you for life beyond your education? As I am about a month into my sophomore year at Oklahoma State, I realize more and more each day just how much Legacy prepared me for life outside of education. I was taught and raised to leave Legacy with a strong Biblical foundation to carry out into the real world. Legacy taught me the importance of morals and values and just how much they impact your life. Life after Legacy has been nothing but eye-opening but I am so glad that I know where I stand in my faith and that I can detect right from wrong.

What would you tell a student or family who is considering LCA? For anyone considering LCA, I would tell you that it has made one of the biggest impacts on my faith, my education, and my future. Legacy can be considered home for anyone. I was so blessed to call Legacy my home for fifteen years of my life and it was the biggest blessing. Legacy will change your life for the better!

Legacy Christian Academy is Frisco's preeminent Pre-K through 12 Christian school committed to educating students in a college preparatory environment balanced in academics, athletics, and fine arts–all within the context of a biblical worldview. For more information on Legacy, visit our admissions page.