I have been a part of Legacy for 18+ years and have loved cheering on my own kids and my students at all of their LCA athletic and fine arts events. My husband Larry and I have been married for 29 years and I have taught school for 28 years. I am starting my 19th year at LCA. My three children, Adam, Evan, and Megan all graduated from Legacy, received academic scholarships and two also received athletic scholarships. They have all graduated college with a 3.8 or higher and are now in the working world. Adam is married and works in Houston, Evan is working in California, and Megan has an internship at a church in Arkansas and is getting married in November and moving back to the area. Legacy has made a lasting impact on our whole family.

Beck Family Photo

Evan, Sheryl, Larry, Megan, Adam, and Channing

What are you passionate about? I love when students have that sparkle in their eye when they get a math concept or when they say “I really like math this year”. I try to pour into my students lives both academically and spiritually. I build relationships with my student's and their parents that last a lifetime. It is super special when students stay in touch and let me know how they are doing after they graduate and move on to pursue their passion and dreams. It is then that I know I have left a Legacy with them. Recently, I had a student email me and ask how she could pray for me this year. That's incredible!

What do students get at Legacy that they won’t get somewhere else? Students at Legacy have teachers who care about them, their future, and their personal relationship with the Lord, it's not just about what they make on an assignment or how they do in your class. We want them to grow in all parts of their life. We want them to be able to defend their faith and share that faith with others to build God's Kingdom.

Why do you choose to work at Legacy? I chose to work at Legacy so that I could openly pray with my students, share scripture that would help them develop and grow in their daily life as well as help them to love and appreciate math. I brought my three kids to Legacy so they could be a part of a Christian School with teachers that cared about each of them, poured into them and made a lasting impact on them. It was a sacrifice, but one that is well worth investing in. I would not have traded it. Legacy became our extended family.

Megan Beck Engaged

Megan together with her fiancé Britt

What do you teach or coach? Or what type of work do you do at LCA? I teach to make a difference and impact my students. I am currently teaching 8th grade Algebra and Honors Algebra, but over the past 18 years at Legacy; I have taught 6th grade Math, Science, Bible, and study skills as well as Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2. I have watched Legacy grow in all areas and build strong programs including AP classes, dual credit classes, and now our professional schools program with a capstone internship.

What is your favorite part of the school day? I enjoy having smaller class sizes and having an advisory group to have deep spiritual discussions and build those personal relationships. Our founder, Jody Capehart always told us “Kids don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” I try to remember that as I get to know my student's individually and pour into them.

What do you love most about teaching, coaching, or working at LCA? Legacy is not just a school, not just a community, but it's a family that lives life with you. My Legacy community prays together, plays together, serves together, and goes through life together. We are there for one another. I know I could call any of my co-workers and they would drop everything to help me. There are not many places of employment that can say that.

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