We recently connected with Turner Olfers (2017), a senior in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, to discuss his time at LCA and the launch of his first business venture, Hero Playing Cards. Turner switched to LCA after his freshman year, competed with the varsity baseball team, and was involved in SALT, Revive Week, and Robotics. He loves the family he found at LCA. He credits the friendships with peers and faculty, as well as the variety of involvement and encouragement Legacy afforded him with helping shape him into the man he is today.

What did you get as a student at Legacy that you couldn't get somewhere else?

At LCA, I got a family. Coming over from a public school where it felt like I was more of a number than a person, Legacy stepped up and showed me what it looks like to have a school that truly cares about its students. I met all sorts of faculty, teachers, and fellow students that appreciated me for who I was and encouraged me to grow mentally and spiritually. This aspect of Legacy is definitely something that you don't find at every school.

When you look back on your time at Legacy, what made the biggest impact on you?

The biggest impact that Legacy had on me was the relationships. I met so many people in high school that cared about me and supported me. When I came to Legacy, my current friends welcomed me with open arms and made sure that I was involved and fit in even when I was just the shy new kid. These same friends are some people that I met with last month to catch up with. Almost 4 whole years later, I still have relationships from Legacy that are strong and I cherish every day! Not only did I make some great relationships with other students, but I also made some great relationships with teachers and coaches. So many of them poured experience, wisdom, and patience in me as I learned at LCA and I know that I am a better student and believer because of it.

Where did you see God move while at Legacy?

For me, I saw God all throughout the weekly chapel and bible studies at Legacy. It was the simple stuff where I saw God move the most because I came from a public school where we didn't have these activities. Whether it was the chapel speaker and worship or the conversations I had with other students during the bible studies, I personally saw God move through these activities. I think oftentimes we forget how important the little things are in our walk with God can be. It's not always the big moments that God does the most work in, but sometimes the more mundane weekly or daily tasks that we consistently do that end up building good habits.

What did you love most during your time at LCA?

The thing I loved the most about LCA was the opportunity to be myself and to be a part of so many things. When you're at a public school with thousands of students, it can be pretty difficult to get roles or positions in organizations or teams you want. At Legacy, they did the best they could to make sure everyone had a chance to be involved in the things they enjoyed. I was able to play baseball, be on the robotics team, submit an AP art portfolio, and be a part of a bible study all at the same time! The opportunity to experience all of these organizations and activities in high school encouraged me to take on even more roles and projects in college because I knew I could handle them.

How has Legacy prepared you for life beyond your education?

Legacy helped me a lot to become the man that I am today. When I started at LCA, I was pretty shy and soft-spoken. However, throughout my career at Legacy, I was given different opportunities to be a leader in the classroom and on the baseball field. As I experienced these different challenges, I began to understand how to lead others, be a problem-solver, and the hard work it takes to get things done. These are all things that you might not expect to be taught in school, but LCA went above and beyond and did.

What would you tell a student or family who is considering LCA?

If you're deciding to switch from public to private school as I did, then you have a big decision to make. Each person's situation is different when it comes to education and I can't tell you that one way is right or wrong. What I can tell you is that at Legacy I found a home and a family that taught me extremely valuable life lessons, gave me countless lifelong relationships, and supported me as I transitioned to a new school.

Tell us about the story behind Hero Playing Cards and how can we learn more?

I grew up playing all kinds of video games. What always impressed me the most about these games were their intricate designs and attention to detail. One of the things that LCA gave me was an entrepreneurial spirit, and as a marketing and graphic design major, this was a great opportunity for me to combine several of my passions. To learn more about my start-up business, tap here

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