Through Legacy Christian Academy's Annual Fund, the athletics department was able to purchase a FungoMan, a revolutionary and patented ball-feeding system that ensures perfectly placed baseballs. Capable of firing every three seconds with speeds over 100 mph, FungoMan can be controlled manually or through an iPad. The machine takes its name from the term Fungo, a long lightweight bat for hitting practice balls to fielders.

“All of these drills allow coaches to teach during the drill at the base or fielding position; focusing on the players. What we have been able to accomplish through the use of the FungoMan has already paid enormous dividends in tournaments and district games.
Andrew Embry, Head Baseball Coach

The video features a drill where the third baseman is covering third on a pick-off play. Coach Embry uses the machine to throw short-hops, line drives, high throws, and side to side, all designed to help the third baseman ( or any position ) learn how to catch the ball first and then tag the runner.

The fly balls from the FungoMan have really helped me. You know there will be accuracy which allows for multiple fly balls and the opportunity for more reps. It's awesome!”
–Collin Reiter, Senior Baseball Player

Thanks in part to FungoMan, the same drills are easily repeatable at each base. The team also uses FungoMan for outfield fly balls, infield fly balls, batting practice, game simulations, and major league fly balls to the catcher.

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