“We’re Number One,” exclaim the exuberant Eagles. But don’t look for these champions on the field or on the court. The first Legacy team to be ranked #1 in the nation is the Middle School Art Department. Featured above is Legacy fifth-grade student Brooke Barker's butterfly piece.

This marks the department’s tenth involvement in the international art contest, Celebrating Art. Since we first participated in 2015, over 800 pieces have been accepted for publication. 60 pieces have been ranked in the top 5%, and three artworks were considered to be in the TOP TEN artworks from among tens of thousands of entries.

Artwork by Erica Papp. Click to view entire gallery of submissions.

Based on the number of student artworks accepted, Legacy Christian Academy is currently ranked as the #1 CONTEST STAR, with more works invited for publication than any other public or private school or studio in the United States and Canada. The Legacy Studio artists are also ranked as the ALL-TIME #1 ART SCHOOL in all of Texas.

Art Editor, Tom Worthen PhD, thanked us for “entering such great pieces in our contest. What a wonderful variety and quality. Our judges felt that your students’ art was beyond the grade level in comparison to other students.” He added, “You beat the odds, 100% of your entries are accepted for publication.”

Art Instructor Lin Mayberry is so excited for her students. “These kids receive so much positive feedback that they might discount it as ‘their teacher just being nice.’ But when a panel of art experts think so highly of their work, it’s a thrill to see their reaction – ‘so we really are good?’”

Yes, they really are good.

Legacy Christian Academy offers students a college preparatory education; central to that education is fine arts. 100% of students in Pre-K through high school participate in a fine arts course, and many upperclassmen continue with their fine art study. For the latest information on Legacy fine arts, subscribe today. For more information on Legacy, visit our admissions page.