Something incredible happened on Tuesday…history was alive among us! A favorite day for all the 3rd grade teachers, the Living Museum is a day when history comes to life as our “Living Museum” characters share their incredible life stories. Our students consider it an honor to represent the lives of men & women whom God chose to make a significant impact on our nation's history.

When asked what inspired her to choose Elizabeth Blackwell, Anna Booth responded:

I came to Legacy during the last five weeks of 1st grade, where I saw the 3rd graders doing the Living Museum. I was encouraged and inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell because she was the first female doctor in the US and Europe, and she never gave up on her dreams. Ever since then, I knew she would be the person I would choose!”

Each child selects a character that has made a significant impact on American history, then they read a biography (min 300 page chapter book) on that character. They are taught the mechanics of annotating each page and making post-it note summaries of each chapter. Once the book is finished, children transfer those annotations & summaries from their book to an outline format on five, 8 X 5 “fact” cards. Lastly, they convert those fact cards to first person which essentially becomes their speech! While memorizing their speech, they construct a tri-fold backdrop using a given rubric. Finally, they gather items for a costume! This entire process takes about nine weeks, and it is TRULY a labor of love!

I am OVER the top proud of EACH one of them. This is by far my favorite part of the year. I love when the day FINALLY arrives for family & friends to see the fruit of their labor! They bless me so!”
–Mrs. Slyman, 3rd Grade Teacher

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