LS Talent Show

Each year, Legacy students in Kindergarten through 4th Grade are given the opportunity to audition for a spot in the Lower School Talent show. It is an exciting time for both the students and the audience, as the students get to hit the big stage in the Legacy Performing Arts Center (LPAC). This year, the auditioning acts included gymnasts, singers, dancers, comedians and dog trainers. The result? One amazingly fun and entertaining night.

The creativity that the students and their parents put into each routine is always impressive, and this year was no exception. Click below to watch the Glow 4 God group performance.

Fourteen acts were chosen to perform in this year's show. Each student participating put in hours of hard work and their efforts were certainly rewarded with the audience's reactions. After their turn on stage, the performers were able to take a seat in the audience and cheer on their classmates.

Wow!! What a special night this was. It was a night we will never forget!!
~ Sarah Birkbeck, mother of performers Asher ('30) and Stella ('31)

LS Talent Show

This fun evening was a wonderful presentation by the students and shows how Legacy Christian Academy works to expands student's knowledge and abilities in the area of fine arts with practical experience and direction.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

~ Albert Einstein

  • Kaleah Van Dyck ('30) showed off her piano skills by tickling the ivories for the audience.
  • Grace Maldonado ('29) and her pup Stella took the stage with their impressive agility act.
  • Bliss Domen ('30) performing "It's Possible" complete bubbles and a bathtub.
  • With great poise, Michaela Metz ('32) danced her way through the song "Rewrite the Stars."
  • Brooke Noonan ('29) sang "The Lion and the Lamb" like a pro.
  • What better way to have your act announced than by your brother? Asher Marrs ('29) played MC for his siblings' gymnastic routine.
  • First grader Cruz Marrs ('31) wowed the audience with his splits.
  • Toryn Marrs ('31) may only be in first grade, but she is already an impressive gymnast.
  • Showing off his piano skills, Channing Hudson ('32) was an adorable addition to the evening.
  • Landry Hudson ('30), Kendall Cawley ('30), and Ava de Moor ('30) combined their love of cheer with the song "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" into an energetic and entertaining routine.
  • LS Talent Show
    John Asher Flores ('28) impressed the crowd by playing Pachelbel's Canon.
  • Colton Hansing ('29), Ben Johnson ('29), and Charlie Proctor ('29) kept the audience laughing with their version of "Happy."
  • LS Talent Show
    Paige Lawrence ('28) glided across stage dancing to "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat."
  • LS Talent Show
    First grader Gabriel Cappon ('31) played the piano for an energetic audience.
  • LS Talent Show
    Stella Birkbeck ('31) sang Heart of Worship at the close of the evening.
  • LS Talent Show
    Stella's brother, Asher Birkbeck ('30), accompanied her at the piano.

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