Last week Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney visited Mrs. Thompson's 4th-grade government class at Legacy. The annual visit is a highlight for the students who get to participate in a variety of interesting government-related activities. The first was a mock mayoral election, where the students selected a candidate who ran against Mayor Cheney. Once the votes were tallied, our own Zack Dinkins emerged victorious.

Another activity they participated in during the mayors visit was an exercise in municipal planning. Three groups of students teamed up to develop an idea for a municipal site. It was a valuable lesson for our young students as they explored the process of developing and presenting their idea. Two of the three “developers” discovered the value in cooperation as they combined their projects to present a bigger, more comprehensive plan to the Mayor and Council. Their concept of a mixed-use sports megastore with parks to play sports was ultimately approved, and Mayor Cheney enjoyed watching the students ponder ideas and process the situation. Mayor Cheney's visit to our LCA 4th graders even made his Weekly Words email. As a special Thank You to Mayor Cheney, one of the fourth-grade students suggested that they give him an LCA Upper School tie.

The mayor was very kind to the students and he allowed them to see that he is just a real person. They got to see that the Mayor has a really fun side to him and that it might be fun one day to be the mayor or to be involved in government at the city, state, or even national level. This visit was a huge success and I have no doubt that we would benefit from continuing to uphold this annual Legacy tradition.

Kerri Thompson

4th Grade Teacher

Then, this week, fourth-grade students attended a City Council meeting, where Mayor Cheney wore the very LCA tie the students had given him the previous week. It was fun for the kids to attend a real Council meeting and watch our Frisco government in action. Additionally, each of the students had a chance to speak on stage, and three of our students even led the pledges. View the video – the student involvement starts at 2:20 in the video. Each of the students introduced themselves and shared something that they learned during their visit with Mayor Cheney. Overall, it was a lot of fun and very educational for everyone who attended.

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