Welcome Legacy's 4th Head of School

Kevin Mosley

“The LCA Board of Trustees commends Bill McGee for a 42-year career in education and celebrates him as he prepares for retirement. After prayerful consideration and with unanimous board support, I am delighted to share that God has provided our next Head of School from within our LCA community – Kevin Mosley. Mr. McGee will continue to serve LCA through July 2022 and will stay on in an advisory role thereafter to ensure a smooth transition. We are very grateful that God has continued to answer our prayers faithfully and bless LCA with exceptional leaders.”

Brad Brenneman

Legacy Board of Trustees Chairman

Brad Brenneman McGee Retirement Letter

Bill McGee

Head of School

Bill McGee Retirement Letter

Kevin Mosley

Incoming Head of School

Kevin Mosley New Head of School Letter

Get to know Mr. Mosley

Mosley Family Photo

The Mosley Family: Cheri, Kevin, Andrew (`18), and Jonathan (`20)

Mr. Mosley and his wife Cheri, who is Legacy's Director of Enrollment Management, will celebrate 25 years of marriage this August. They have two sons, who both graduated from Legacy; Andrew (`18) and Jonathan (`20). They recently adopted a beautiful little Cavapoo puppy whom they named Mandi Mae.

Mr. Mosley has served LCA with excellence, passion, and a heartfelt commitment to our mission and unique culture over the past ten years as our Upper School Principal and, currently, as Associate Head of School. In addition to his steadfast and innovative leadership at LCA, Mr. Mosley previously served as head of school at Russell Christian Academy in Meridian, MS. He also invested many years as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and even began his career as a youth pastor. He deeply loves our families, faculty and staff, and students. He has been a leading voice behind many key innovations and deeply embraces the genuine, personal, Christ-centered relationships that are foundational to LCA. 

You have questions, we have answers!

Why is the transition happening now?
When Bill McGee accepted our offer to serve as LCA’s next head of school nearly six years ago, we were confident that, with God’s blessing and guidance, Mr. McGee would lead LCA well for five to eight years before retiring. Consistent with this timeline, Mr. McGee notified our trustees in May 2021 that he planned to retire after the 2021-22 or 2022-23 school year depending upon God’s timing and provision of LCA’s next head.
When was this transition decided?
The trustees have been working closely with Mr. McGee over the past year to determine the transition timeline. It became clear over recent months that God was calling Mr. Kevin Mosley to serve as our next head of school.
When will Mr. Mosley assume his new role?

Mr. Mosley will assume his position in June 2022. He is currently working closely with Mr. McGee to transition key responsibilities. Mr. McGee will continue to serve LCA through July 2022 and will stay in an advisory role thereafter to ensure a smooth transition. We are very grateful that God has continued to answer our prayers faithfully and bless LCA with exceptional leaders.

Where is Mr. McGee going?

Mr. McGee and his wife Janna plan to stay in the area and Mr. McGee will serve in an advisory capacity over the coming months, ensuring a smooth transition. Mr. McGee looks forward to taking on consulting work in the future, spending time with his grandchildren (#3 is on the way!), and enjoying his favorite pastime, golf! We are deeply grateful for Mr. McGee’s leadership and service to LCA over the past six years.

Will LCA change under new leadership?
One of the Board of Trustees' most significant responsibilities is to select, encourage, serve and support the head of school for LCA. Equally important, we are tasked with maintaining the vision and the values of LCA and ensuring long-term sustainability. Your trustees, composed of current and alumni parents as well as community leaders, value and honor your trust as covenant partners. As we move into the next generation of leadership at LCA, you can have faith that our vision and values are unwavering, and the LCA that you know and love will remain steadfast and rooted in Christ as we look to the future. Your partnership and support are foremost on our minds as we make decisions both strategically and prayerfully. 

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