Recently, Dr. Kristin Stone, upper school teacher, took some of our upper school students on an engineering tour to understand the profession of engineering. The real-life, hands on experience of seeing what it takes to be an engineer helped the students better prepare for their future careers.

The students toured Osteomed, a company in Addison that specializes in small bone, cranio-maxillofacial, and spinal orthopedic implants, biologic bone replacement, and associated power instruments. Nathan Stone, husband Dr. Stone and senior engineer of OsteoMed, led the tour of the facility.

What they experienced:

  • The students enjoyed an up-close look at the in-house manufacturing, systems used for testing, and cadaver lab.
  • They engaged with a variety of engineers who specialized in design, development, manufacturing, and quality/inspection.
  • The toured revealed the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving in the daily life of an engineer

Getting a glimpse into how medical products are used to help people, seeing the process that brought those products into existence, and talking with the people who worked together to develop those products can turn an abstract idea of a potential profession into something very personal, something that is satisfying rather than just an occupation.”
–Mr. Stone explained.

What they learned:

  • The students learned the design process and design controls that engineers use to turn an idea into an actual design or product.
  • They were given advice on what courses to take in college and how to pave a pathway towards their desired career.
  • Each student glimpsed the reality of how much writing goes into an engineer's work when Mr. Stone showed the large binders full of reports that accompany every project.

The students enjoyed the tour, asked insightful questions, and made an exemplary impression on the employees of OsteoMed.

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