Four scenes in four languages with four actresses playing the same role at the same time.

During the Upper School Drama Night on Thursday, October 24, students wowed the audience with two intense dramas, Fearful Symmetry and Look Me In the Eye.

Fearful Symmetry is a play about a girl named Mary who is anxiously attempting to finish her chores when a mysterious stranger enters the room with an enticing but frightening proposition: “Push the button on this box I have. If you do so, I will give you a large sum of money. The catch? You will not know who, but someone will die.” This play's special twist is this one storyline is played out in four countries simultaniously.

Mia Cooper '22, delivering her passionate monologue.

Look Me In the Eye is a play about teenagers in the future who are obedient, polite and respectful. This is due in large part to the government required “observation sessions.” But there is a dark underside to this utopian vision. As the students begin questioning the system they must decide whether to remain obedient or speak out and face the consequences.

The set design, lighting and eerie music kept the crowd locked into the play's every move.

This is one of the best performances I've seen out of my Sophomore Theatre II students. The way they got into character and devoted themselves to their parts truly paid off during their show stopping performance at Drama Night. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Mia Cooper '22 delivered a gut wrenching and moving monologue. Students are begging to do this one again they loved it so much!

~ Mrs. Wenk, Upper School Theatre Teacher

Advanced Acting students took Fearful Symmetry to Prince of Peace Christian School for the TAPPS Competition the following Saturday. To get pumped up for their performance, the cast took part in a rousing warm-up.

Drama Competition Awards

Sophie Dryden '20 (Left) and Caroline Kellam '20 (Right)

Legacy competed against seven other schools. Sophie Dryden '20 won Honorable Mention for Best Actress and Caroline Kellam '20 won All Star Best Actress for their stunning performances.

“Competitions are always a great experience. We bond as a cast and meet fellow actors from other schools.” ~ Drama Student Sophie Dryden '20

The students worked hard and were thankful for the opportunity to be able to watch the other schools and their performances. We are all proud of how well our theater students represented LCA.

  • Drama Competition Trip
    Advanced Acting students on their way to the TAPPS competition.
  • Drama Night 2019
    A choice must be made.
  • Drama Competition Trip
    (left to right) Max Lowery ('21), Tyler Heaton ('21), Jackson Redmon ('21), and Layne Pyle ('20) excitedly wait to load up and head to the TAPPS competition.
  • (left to right) Caroline Kellam ('20), Jackson Redmon ('21), and Sarah Siler ('21) playing characters on the yellow section of the stage during "Fearful Symmetry."
  • Drama Night 2019
    Matthew Gay ('22) and Alex Smith ('22) discussing things during "Look Me In the Eye."
  • (left to right) Sophie Dryden ('20), Tyler Heaton ('21), and Claire Cleveland ('21) on the blue section of the stage during "Fearful Symmetry."
  • (left to right) Katie Bardwell ('22), Mia Cooper ('22), and Reagan Morrow ('22) interacting during "Look Me In the Eye."
  • Sophie Dryden's ('20) character Mary is given a difficult choir to make.
  • Sophomore Reagan Morrow ('22) during part of "Look Me In the Eye."
  • Mattie Bingham's ('20) character Mary facing a difficult choice.
  • The four Marys (Mattie Bingham ('20), Avery Ellis ('20), Caroline Kellam ('20), and Sophi Dryden ('20)) taking a bow at the end of their play.
  • Drama Night 2019
    Sophie Cross ('21) and Max Lowery's ('21) characters gather around Mattie Bingham during her death scene.
  • (left to right) Sophie Dryden ('20), Jackson Redmon ('21), Tyler Heaton ('21), Claire Cleveland ('21), and Sarah Siler ('21) taking a bow at the end of their show.

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