This year's Valedictorian and Salutatorian are Hannah White (above left) and Hannah Dryden. Congratulations to these two outstanding students for earning top honors in their graduating class.




Hannah White – Valedictorian 2018

Hannah White, our 2018 Valedictorian and daughter of Robert and Christine White, capped off her senior year with a GPA of 4.442. She will begin her college studies at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. She plans to major in Biochemistry and then move on to veterinary school to pursue a career as either an exotic or small animal veterinarian. She participated in long-distance track here at Legacy in addition to being in winter guard and she also played flute in the marching band. She was a core member of the BEST Robotics team and was also involved in the Legacy Service Organization as well as being inducted into National Honor Society.

Hannah's Pre-AP and AP Chemistry teacher, Mr. Branch, had the greatest effect on her during her time at Legacy. She articulated that Mr. Branch went above and beyond to make himself available to her to answer questions and help with extracurricular experiments. It was his enthusiasm for the subject that affirmed her own love for chemistry and was instrumental in her decision to pursue biochemistry as an undergraduate. Her most memorable assignment was, in contrast, during AP English Literature where she had to write a literary analysis paper. She selected a philosophy book that required her to stretch her writing and research skills. This assignment pushed her capacities intellectually and motivated her to gain a depth of understanding outside of the course requirements. In reflecting on her time at Legacy,

Hannah offers the following guidance for future high school graduates:

Concentrate on maintaining a consistent work ethic all throughout high school, despite the tendency towards latency at the latter end of senior year. Strive for high standards, but do not define your character through a letter grade or a GPA value. Remember, not everyone can attain the honor of valedictorian, or even maintain A's throughout the entirety of high school. What matters are an affirmation of work ethic and an enjoyment of this unique period.”


Hannah Dryden – Salutatorian 2018

Hannah Dryden, the Salutatorian for the class of 2018, is the daughter of Charles and Lisa Dryden. She wrapped up her final year at Legacy with a GPA of 4.313. She plans to attend Baylor University and work toward a degree in marketing with a minor in studio art. While a career in business is on her horizon, she knows that ultimately she will be able use her talents in whatever capacity God intends. She has been a staple in the Theatre and Art Departments, competing in various art shows and drama competitions. Additionally, she holds nine Legacy theatre productions to her credit, culminating in the lead role in Snow White. She was a leader in the Hospitality club and President of National Honor Society.

For Hannah, it was her time with government teacher, Mr. Littleton, that was most impactful. His constant pursuit of the Lord, which he echoes through his teaching, has inspired and encouraged her tremendously as has his advice and wisdom over the years. When reflecting on her favorite school assignment, the one that stands out for her was when she was charged with interviewing and then drafting a newspaper about a significant person in her life. She chose her grandmother. It proved to be a special assignment for both Hannah and her grandma as it gave the two of them a chance to bond and provided insight into her grandma's life that she previously did not have.

Hanna's advice for future graduates is as follows…

Take advantage of every opportunity presented at Legacy. Pursue the Lord in all things, get involved in everything you can. Make good choices and have so much fun, love your friends and family intentionally. Respect your teachers, other faculty and staff – they do so much for you and deserve your respect.”

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