Admissions Process

We have been truly blessed by the partnership with LCA these last two years for our older son. We have witnessed a true partnership in not only his education but molding his character as well. We've seen how biblical truth is used to shape his actions and choices and teachers and staff lead by example. We hope for all of our children to experience this type of education where they feel valued, loved, and prepared for the next chapter of their educational journey where they feel equipped with the tools to defend their faith and lead a Christian life.

Current Legacy Parent

Reconfiguration of South Campus To continue our commitment to excellence in academics, taught from a biblical worldview, the summer of 2019 saw the South Campus reconfiguration of Early Education, Lower School and Middle School Divisions.

Beginning September 26,2019 we invite you to register to Experience Life@ Legacy. Experience Life@Legacy is offered on Thursday mornings and gives you the opportunity to hear from our current students and our Head of School Bill McGee, meet current parents, and tour our beautiful facility. We strongly encourage students interested in grades 4-11 to attend with parents, if possible. If you would like to attend, please click HERE to make reservations.  If Thursday does not work for your schedule, please email We will work to find a day and time for you to visit our campus.

Step 1 - Faith First

Legacy Christian Academy is a Covenant School. A Covenant represents a much deeper relationship between the family and school than a contractual relationship. As part of that Covenant Relationship, there are certain expectations for families applying to Legacy

  • Our goal is to grow and develop Legacy with strong Christian families who are able to articulate a salvation testimony of grace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. At least one parent and students in grades 7-12 must profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and believe in Him as Lord and Savior. 
  • Only students whose academic records demonstrate a proven capability to succeed will be considered for our program. Students should be performing at or above grade level and be in positive academic standing in their previous school.
  • Students recommendations should show a behavioral history that is in harmony with the expectations of Legacy Christian Academy and student should exhibit a strong desire to be enrolled at Legacy.

If these statements are true of your family, we would be honored to share all Legacy has to offer, not only for your student, but your entire family.

Step 2 - Online Application & Document Upload

At Legacy the application process is completed online. Upon completion of the application file, the Admissions Committee will review a student’s application, recommendations, testing results, academic history and necessary forms. If the completed file meets all the admissions requirements, the appropriate division will contact the family to schedule a family interview. In grades 5–12, the student participates in an interview process. A completed application file contains the following items:

admissions document guidelines revised

Step 3 - Admission Assessment Requirements

Legacy Christian Academy requires an admissions assessment for all applicants grades Pre-K 3-11. As a benefit and convenience we administer the Legacy Admissions Assessment in a warm and welcoming atmosphere on our beautiful campus.

  • The Legacy Admissions Assessment is comprised of the WPPSI IV for grades Pre-K3-grade 2 and the WISC-V for grades 3 -11.

  • The results of these assessments provide a wealth of information about a student’s learning style, working memory, processing speed, as well as other executive functioning skills necessary for academic success at Legacy. This information is used by our faculty to better understand your student’s learning styles and strengths.

  • The amount due upon submission of the application for Pre-K3-11th grade is $300 ($125 application fee and $175 Legacy Admissions Assessment Fee).

Step 4 - Admissions Interview & Admissions Decision
Once the application file and academic review are complete, the file will be advanced to the appropriate division to schedule the admissions interview. For students applying for grades PK3–4, the admissions interview will consist of the divisional principal, or assistant principal, and the parents. For students applying for grades 5–12, the interview process will include the student.

The admissions committee meets regularly to review each admission decision. Once an admission decision has been reached, the family is notified by phone and email. Decline decisions are also notified by mail.

When parents are joint conservators, those with educational rights will be invited to participate in the interview as part of the admissions process.

Early Decision Option

Applicants who have a completed application file by December 15, will be eligible for Early Decision. Students eligible for Early Decision may continue the admissions process, and, if we have confirmed openings in a grade level, may be issued an enrollment agreement for the upcoming school year.

With many grades approaching capacity at Legacy, Early Decision is a wonderful opportunity to secure your student’s consideration for acceptance.

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