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Legacy Christian Academy is looking for an ideal fit between students, their families, and our school. We invite you to contact us to learn as much as you can about Legacy, our focus on faith, our educational philosophy, our core vision and mission, our outstanding arts and athletics programs and our community as a whole.

Step 1 - Faith First

Legacy Christian Academy is a non-denominational, Covenant School. A Covenant represents a much deeper relationship between the family and school than a contractual relationship. As part of that Covenant Relationship, it is important for each of our families to understand and agree with the basic Biblical standards upon which the school was founded. 

  • We require that at least one parent is a Christian with a testimony of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • We also require the family be regular attendees of a Bible-teaching church, as will be evidenced by the submission of a Church Involvement Form.

Click here to read our Statement of Faith.

Step 2 - Online Application & Document Upload

At Legacy the application process is completed online. Upon completion of the application file, the Admissions Committee will review a student’s application, recommendations, testing results, academic history and necessary forms. If the completed file meets all the admissions requirements, the appropriate division will contact the family to schedule a family interview. In grades 5–12, the student participates in an interview process. A completed application file contains the following items:

Step 3 - Admission Assessment Requirements

Admissions assessment for applicants for grades 1-12:

In addition to the PSAT, ACT, SAT, Cog AT, IOWA or other norm-referenced testing, there are two options for Legacy admissions assessment for grades 1-12:


  • Assessment from Grace Evaluations: This provides information about a student’s learning styles, working memory and processing speed, as well as other executive functioning skills. The testing is given at Grace Evaluations in McKinney. The cost to the family is $350, payable to Grace at the time of the testing.
  • ISEE testing: applying for grades 5-12. The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is administered at various school testing sites. Please go to, click the “Assessments” tab and you will see the directions to register for the ISEE. Please be sure and put the Legacy school code on the registration: 570852.
Step 4 - Admissions Interview & Admissions Decision

Once the application file and academic review are complete, the file will be advanced to the appropriate division to schedule the admissions interview. For students applying for grades PK3–4, the admissions interview will consist of the divisional principal, or assistant principal, and the parents. For students applying for grades 5–12, the interview process will include the student.

The admissions committee meets regularly to review each admission decision. Once an admission decision has been reached, the family is notified by phone and email. Decline decisions are also notified by mail.

When parents are joint conservators, those with educational rights will be invited to participate in the interview as part of the admissions process.

Early Decision Option

Students who have a complete admissions file are eligible for acceptance decision before the end of January of the subsequent year. If there are confirmed openings in a grade level, enrollment agreements will be issued prior to January 31.

With many grade levels nearing capacity at Legacy, Early Decision is a wonderful way to secure consideration for your child’s acceptance.

*Early Decision Deadline: December 16

International Student Requirements

The International Student Program at Legacy Christian Academy allows us to welcome students requiring an I-20 document. The International Student Program accepts students entering grades 9–11. All International students must follow the admission guidelines for a traditional student, as well as meet additional criteria, including:

  1. Demonstrate a faith in Jesus Christ during the student interview;
  2. Reside with a Christian family, as evidenced in the application and family interview who lives in or in the surrounding area of Frisco, TX;
  3. Submit an Affidavit of Relationship, indicating that the student resides with a blood relative. 
  4. Provide English ability test scores.  Acceptable tests and preferred minimum scores include: TOEFL (70 or higher), ELTiS (225 or higher) or SLEP (55 or higher)
  5. All translated documents must be official translations; all foreign documents must include certification of authenticity.

Please note that I-20’s can only be legally issued once the student and family have been through our entire admissions process and are accepted to Legacy Christian Academy.

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