Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start the application process:
What does it mean to be a Covenant Christian school?

Legacy Christian Academy is a non-denominational, Covenant School. A Covenant represents a much deeper relationship between the family and school than a contractual relationship. As part of that Covenant Relationship, it is important for each of our families to understand and agree with the basic Biblical standards upon which the school was founded.

  • We require that at least one parent is a Christian with a testimony of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that the Bible is inspired by God, inerrant and authoritative and that it is the divine and final authority for Christians. Examine these Scriptures: II Timothy 3:16; Psalms 12:6, 119:105, 160; II Peter 1:16, 20, 21; Proverbs 30:5.


What does Legacy look for in a potential applicant?
  • Only students whose academic records demonstrate a proven capability to succeed will be considered for our program. Students should be performing at or above grade level and be in positive academic standing in their current school.
  • Student recommendations should show a behavioral history that is in harmony with the expectations of Legacy Christian Academy, and students should exhibit a strong desire to be enrolled at Legacy.
Does Legacy require drug testing for prospective and current students?

All prospective students grades 7 through 12 th will be required to submit a hair sample PRIOR to enrollment confirmation. Enrollment is contingent upon a negative test. Refusal to submit a sample will halt the application process. A prospective student who submits a sample after May 1st, will be exempt from submitting an additional sample in August but will be subject to random testing later in the school year.

The drug test will screen students for the following drugs: cocaine, opioids, phencyclidine, amphetamines, marijuana, Adderall, and benzodiazepines. In addition, students will also be tested for nicotine and alcohol. All prospective students for grades 7-12 will be tested as if they were a currently enrolled Upper School student. If you have any questions, please contact

What are the birthdate guidelines when applying to early education and Kindergarten?
  • Pre-K 3   -Must turn 3 years old by September 1st
  • Pre-K 4   -Must turn 4 years old by September 1st
  • Junior Kindergarten   -Must turn 5 years old by September 1st
  • Kindergarten   -Must turn 5 years old by September 1st

** Students applying for Pre-K3 through Kindergarten must be able to complete their restroom needs independent of adult assistance.

Is Legacy Christian Academy accredited?

SAIS Logo CESA AdvancEd National Blue Ribbon School Frisco TX

May I come to campus to take a tour?

Our campus is closed per government directives during the COVID19. We do have virtual tours of the lower, middle, and upper schools. Virtual Tours, our Virtual Open House, and Virtual Kindergarten Round-Up can be found on our website:

Can my student come in for a shadow day?

We encourage prospective students to view the virtual events to get e glimpse of Life@Legacy. During COVID restrictions, there is not an opportunity for shadow visits.

Are you still accepting applications for the current year?

Legacy has rolling admissions and is currently accepting applications for all grades for the 2020-2021 school year.

If you have any questions, please email or call 469-633-1330 ext. 256.


What are your school immunization requirements?

Current Immunization Record or notarized waiver through the Texas Dept. of Health and Human Resources

Do you provide before and after-school care?

Legacy offers early morning drop-off, beginning at 7:30 am for all students.

We are happy to provide after-school care to our families through our Legacy Extended Care (LEC) Program.

Extended Care Hours of Operation
After School – Dismissal – 6:00 pm (Pre-K 3 – 5th grade Only) **Early Dismissal days until 4:00 pm.
**Extended Care will only be available on days when school is in session. The last day of Extended Care will be the student's last day of school.
Tuition & Billing Information –
 Registration fee – $100 per student (Non-Refundable) – this amount will be applied to first month's tuition
After School Care – $325 per month
Drop-In fee – $25 **Parents will need to contact Candi Gartner, LEC Director, for space availability.
Students are allowed a maximum of five drop-ins before enrollment in LEC is required.
Important LEC Information –
  • Monthly fees are due regardless of attendance.
  • Withdrawal in writing by the 5th of the preceding month to not be charged on the 1st of the month.
  • Late pick-up fee – $5 after the first minute, $1 for each additional minute. For more information, please contact:LEC Director Candi Gartner at


Do the students wear uniforms?

Yes, Legacy students wear uniforms. Click here to view the uniform standard.

Which admissions assessments does Legacy require?

Legacy Christian Academy requires and an admissions assessment for all applicants grades Pre-K4-11.

As a benefit and convenience for all applicants for grades Pre-K4-6, we administer the Legacy Admissions Assessment in a warm and welcoming atmosphere on our beautiful campus.

  • The Legacy Admissions Assessment is comprised of the WPPSI IV for grades Pre-K4-2 and the WISC V for grades 3-6.
  • The results of these assessments provide detailed information about your student’s learning style, working memory and processing speed, as well as other executive functioning skills necessary for academic success at Legacy. This information is used by our faculty to better understand your student’s learning styles and strengths.
  • The amount due upon submission of the application for Pre-K4-6th grade, is $300 ($125 application fee and $175 Legacy Admissions Assessment Fee).


Admissions assessment criteria for applicants for grades 7-9 will be determined after an academic review of the report cards and testing in the application file.

  • Legacy accepts the Cog-AT, IOWA, STARR, PSAT, ACT, Pre-ACT, ISEE, Gifted and Talented placement scores, and Duke TIP scores as admissions assessments.
  • The payment amount due upon submission of the online application is the $125 application fee.
  •  If the academic review of these items indicates a concern about the applicant’s ability to be academically successful at Legacy, we will request the student take the Legacy Admissions Assessment at an additional cost of $175 to the family.


Admissions assessment criteria for applicants for grades 10 and 11 will be determined after an academic review of the report cards and testing in the application file.

  • Legacy accepts the PSAT, SAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, and ISEE as admissions assessments.
  • The payment amount due upon submission of the online application is the $125 application fee.
  •  If the academic review of these items indicates a concern about the applicant’s ability to be academically successful at Legacy, we will request the student take the Legacy Admissions Assessment at an additional cost of $175 to the family.
How will admissions testing be conducted if the campus is closed?

If the school is closed or access limited due to COVID 19, admissions assessments will be given remotely by our in-house diagnostician.

Does the school provide transportation?
No, Legacy does not currently provide transportation to or from campus.
Do you offer lunch on campus?
We are proud to offer lunch to our students through Sage Dining Services.

How will admissions interviews be scheduled during COVID-19?

During COVID-19 restrictions, admissions interviews will be conducted virtually.

General Admissions Questions

Legacy Christian Academy seeks an ideal fit between students, their families, and our school. We invite you to contact us to learn as much as you can about Legacy, our focus on faith, our educational philosophy, our core vision and mission, our outstanding arts and athletics programs, and our community as a whole.

How do I start the admission process?

Once you are ready to apply, please visit our website Our admissions team is ready to assist in any way. Please go to to schedule a discovery call with a member of our Admissions team.

Are you still accepting applications for the current year and what is the deadline for application submission?
If you are interested in applying for the 2019-2020 year, please contact the Admissions Department to confirm openings in your grade of interest.  Email,, or call 469-633-1330 ext. 256.
How will I know when my admission application is complete?
After you submit the online application, you will be given a RenWeb Login. Please keep that information handy. You can use that login for 24/7 access to monitor the status of your student’s application and receipt of necessary documents.
What are the admissions related fees
Applicants for grades Pre-K4-6- $300 Application/Admissions Assessment Fee Applicants for grades 7-11- $125 Application Fee. If the Academic Review of an applicant’s file is inconclusive, the applicant may be requested to take the Legacy Admissions Assessment at an additional cost of $175 to the family. One-time, New Student Enrollment Fee- $1,500 per student. All application, testing and enrollment fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Tuition & Indexed Tuition:
What is the tuition for the current year?

You can view information on current tuition and fees here. The Legacy Board evaluates and sets each year’s tuition based on a number of economic factors. The new tuition amounts are published every January. We expect that future increases will be in line with the annual increase in operational costs.

Are there any additional fees above and beyond tuition?
In an effort to minimize fees, Legacy tuition includes school supplies for grades K-8, all athletic and fine arts participation fees, and grade-level trips.  Certain extracurricular activities and elective courses may require additional fees. ** $600 Registration fee per student required annually at the time of re-enrollment
How do I apply for indexed tuition?

Please visit the Indexed Tuition pages for additional information. The first step in the process is to visit the FACTS website to start your application for tuition assistance. You will be asked for several documents including tax information. Legacy Christian Academy recognizes that every family’s financial situation is different; therefore, each family is reviewed individually for a determination of indexed tuition.

When should I apply for indexed tuition?

Legacy offers an indexed tuition program. Families seeking indexed tuition are encouraged to apply concurrently with their admission application. The indexed tuition program may be found here.

Will my application for tuition assistance affect the decision for my child's acceptance?

No, your application for indexed tuition will not impact the decision for admission. Legacy evaluates each application on the merit of the student, selecting students who best fit our school mission and values. The indexed tuition process is handled separately though FACTS, an independent and confidential third-party.

Do you offer a sibling discount for tuition?
Legacy is pleased to offer a sibling discount of $250 per sibling. Full tuition is paid for the oldest student, the discount applies to each additional enrolled sibling.
Is lunch included in tuition?
No, lunch is not currently included in tuition. Legacy is proud to offer lunch through Sage Dining Services.
Can I pay my tuition online?

Yes, you are welcome to manage your tuition account online through FACTS Tuition Management.  

For families enrolling January- March, payments begin in March and conclude in December.  Tuition must be paid in full by January of the admission year.Installments for new students enrolling after March will be spread over the remaining months in the calendar year. 

New students enrolling at mid-term pay a pro-rated tuition amount.

Special Programs – Students with Learning Differences
Do you have programs for children with learning differences?
The Legacy Learning Center (LLC) is designed for those students with diagnosed learning differences and/or ADD. Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools each have their own dedicated room and specially trained teacher. This program provides support for qualified students at all grade levels in order to maximize their potential for success within the LCA curriculum. For specific program requirements and a list of services provided, please review this PDF document.
Currently, there is a wait pool for students in grades 5-12. To be eligible for the wait pool, students must complete the application process and be accepted into Legacy Christian Academy.
For questions, please contact:
Holly Hammond, LLC Director
469.633.1330 ext 355

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